Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 Retrenchment / Job Cuts / Lay Off in Malaysia

Recently, there are quite a number of retrenchment news, locally and internationally. I share below, some of the 2015 retrenchment or job cuts in Malaysia and globally:

1) CIMB Group offered voluntary Mutual Separation Scheme (MSS)

2) HSBC to cut thousands of jobs globally

3) JVC Kenwood Malaysia Sdn Bhd ceased operations

4) Fairchild Semiconductor (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to sell Penang factory

5) Royal Dutch Shell to axe 6500 jobs globally

6) Malaysia Airlines, MAS retrenched 6000 jobs

7) Job cuts at some of global banking institution 

I believe there are many job cuts or retrenchment which not been reported in news. Feel free to share your thought and comment below if you have any.

photo credit: Today's News via photopin (license)


  1. My close relative has been retrenched lately, n his family in jeopardy due to he is the only sole breadwinner. Any retrenchment fund or aide provided in Malaysia which can ease off his woes temporary?

    1. Hi there, very sorry to hear about your close relative. From what I know, currently there's no retrenchment fund in Malaysia... If he still have the time, perhaps he can seek help from nearest Pejabat Buruh to negotiate with his employer for a better and fairer compensation. If he had left the company, then he'll need to find a job or temporary job soon.