Monday, June 15, 2015

Internet Speed In Asia

In my one of my previous post last year, I wrote about expensive broadband service in Malaysia. Recently, I came across an article, Internet Speed In Asia from The Star Online. From the graphic, it shows we are so far away from most Asia countries, including Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

No wonder my  brother-in-law from Taiwan laughed at me when I told him I am paying RM117.65 per month for 1Mbps internet service. He said 'it is expensive and super slow'. Well, I told him for normal internet user like me, it is still ok. But, for user who is accessing rich content files, it is torturing to see the files keep buffering.

I hope that, very soon, Malaysians will be offered faster internet speed with more affordable packages.

photo credit: No Providers Will Satisfy You via photopin (license)

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