Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Get Rich Quick Scheme

Recently my hubby been invited by his friend to attend a sharing session on 'high returned investment'. Earlier, the friend had shared with hubby that he had started earning good money since joining the program about 2 months ago. Out of curiosity, my hubby attended the sharing session. Hubby said the turned out was so good and the sharing session was very interesting. Most of the speakers are 'millionaires' now.

But, my hubby know this is another Get Rich Quick Scheme. No products sold. Just make your own investment first, then bring in new members (with new investment) and you can start earning your 'commission' or 'bonus'. The more friends or downlines you have, the more money  you will received. By logically thinking, how can bringing new friends can bring us money? They claimed they invest the money collected in high risk trading. But, how can their fund managers are so smart, every time making good money? Hubby doubt it. I doubt it too.

This is really similar to some Get Rich Quick Scheme which existed in Malaysia few years ago, among them is Genneva Gold Scheme, and another famous one is Swiss Cash.

Despite many news reported on these investment scams, people still fall into these unauthorized investment scheme and at high risk of losing their hard earned money. The sad parts is, hubby said, most of those turned up during the sharing session were retiree who wish to make some money with their EPF@KWSP savings, which they had just withdrew. I can't imagine what will happened to their hard earned money...

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  1. If you cant name the company, at least you should provide more details so that other people will not fall into the trap. Details like how their plans works, commission gain, bonus gain, rank level, invest in which business etc etc etc.