Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Stay On Financial Track?

One of the hardest thing on financial management matter is to be able to stay on financial track all the time. To periodically check and monitor on investment portfolio, to diligently put aside money every now and then, and to always keep the financial management spirit high. These are not easy.

So, how do I ensure I stay on my financial track? Here are some of my methods:

1) Apply the power of technology
To monitor my investment, I signed up online account provided by investment firms. With this, I can log-in anytime to check the status of my investment. There are also other tools and apps to monitor investment but I still prefer to use my simple spreadsheets to monitor my investment.

2) Utilize Standing Instruction / Auto System Facilities
I admit it is hard for me to manually transfer a certain amount for my investment, on monthly basis. I know this is important but somehow, it is hard to be consistent. So, I signed Standing Instruction (SI) to transfer certain amount into my investment, on monthly basis. I love this automation. It is hassle free, time saving and most importantly, it consistently make the transfer on time.

3) Reading, reading and more reading
We are human. Our mood and judgement easily affected by our emotion. When I feel like I am lagging on financial matter, I will read on articles or book to keep my financial management spirit high.

4) Engaged with others with similar motive
I realised that it is also important to surround myself with the 'likeminded' people. I learned a lot from other bloggers. And most importantly, their success provided me a strong courage to continue with my own financial journey.

So, how do you motivate yourself to stay on financial track?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

PTPTN Repayment: How To Check PTPTN Pin Number or 'Nombor Pinjaman'?

I remember there was one time which I wanted to log in to check my online PTPTN account statement (Penyata Pendidikan Konventional) but I had forgotten my PTPTN Pin Number and the PTPTN letter with the log in pin was at another location. Since that incident, I saved my PTPTN Pin Number or 'Nombor Pinjaman' in my smartphone.

Anyway, other than referring to the letter from PTPTN which come with the pin number or 'Nombor Pinjaman' you also can check the pin number or 'Nombor Pinjaman' by c
alling PTPTN hotline, 03-2080 4455 03-21933000. This is the fastest and easiest way to get the PTPTN 'Nombor Pinjaman' for you to log in to PTPTN Epay website. Just follow the steps below, then you'll be able to get your 'Nombor Pinjaman' in a minute:

1) Call to PTPTN hotline, 
03-2080 4455 03-21933000
(You will be attended by auto attendant system)
2) Choose option 4 for Inquiries on 'Nombor Pinjaman';
3) Choose option 1 for Mycard holder;
4) Enter your 12 digits Mycard number followed by #. Example, 880512019989#;
5) Choose option 1 to get your 'Nombor Pinjaman';
6) Get ready your pen and paper because within a few seconds, the auto attendant will let read out your 5 digits 'Nombor Pinjaman'.

Simple and I think it is available 24 hours because I called at 10pm and still able to get my 'Nombor Pinjaman'. From my latest checking, operation hours is mon-fri, 8am-7pm and sat-sun, 8am-5pm, public holiday will be closed.

Hope the above helps!

photo credit: PTPTN Epay.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Internet Speed In Asia

In my one of my previous post last year, I wrote about expensive broadband service in Malaysia. Recently, I came across an article, Internet Speed In Asia from The Star Online. From the graphic, it shows we are so far away from most Asia countries, including Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

No wonder my  brother-in-law from Taiwan laughed at me when I told him I am paying RM117.65 per month for 1Mbps internet service. He said 'it is expensive and super slow'. Well, I told him for normal internet user like me, it is still ok. But, for user who is accessing rich content files, it is torturing to see the files keep buffering.

I hope that, very soon, Malaysians will be offered faster internet speed with more affordable packages.

photo credit: No Providers Will Satisfy You via photopin (license)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Useful Advice For Newbies At Work

In my working years, I learned a lot and I am still learning. Along the way, I  made mistakes. I learned from my mistakes and promised not to repeat the same mistake twice. I wish someone would have shared with  me or warned me earlier before I joined the work force.

As such, I came up with some useful advice for those newbies at work:

1) Know the Importance of 'Black and White'
Always request for formal email and keep a printed copy of important information. Try to avoid receiving and executing important instruction verbally. Even if the other party prefer not to provide you the 'black and white' always practice to send him/her an email, detailing the conversation.

2) No Gossips
Do not join in gossips in office. It won't bring you any advantage.

3) No Office Politics
Avoid office politics. Do not join any of the groups. Be neutral. Try to steer away if someone wish to drag you to join the office politics.

4) Know Well What is Categorized under 'Private & Confidential Information'
Some information such as salary package, commissions, bonus and increment are categorized under private and confidential. Do not show off your salary or bonus to your colleague as it might create conflicts between you and the colleague. These information is better kept to yourself only.

5) Mind Your Language
Use professional language in all of your dealings. If you think you are not up to the standard, learn to pick up from night classes, read books or learn online to enhance your language.

6) Learn to Write Proper and Professional Email
It is important to be able to put your words properly especially in corporate communications. Avoid harsh words. If you have doubts, search online for email etiquette.
7) Be Sensitive To Your Surroundings

There are situation where you can sense something even though no one talk about it. Take note of small gestures, facial expression, eye contacts and other body languages. Sometimes, it might be something good, and sometimes, it might be something negative. 

8) Respect Your Superior

I know many who complains about their superior. No matter what, you must respect your superior. He is there for a reason. 

9) Learn to Say No
Don't be a 'Yes Man'. Say No at the right time. Otherwise, others will take advantage of your kindness. Learn to draw the boundary as early as possible.

10) Never Trust Anyone 100%
Among all, this is the most important advice. Do not trust anyone 100%, leave some room for yourself. 

I hope my sharing above will benefits you.

photo credit: IMG_0104 via photopin (license)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Get Rich Quick Scheme

Recently my hubby been invited by his friend to attend a sharing session on 'high returned investment'. Earlier, the friend had shared with hubby that he had started earning good money since joining the program about 2 months ago. Out of curiosity, my hubby attended the sharing session. Hubby said the turned out was so good and the sharing session was very interesting. Most of the speakers are 'millionaires' now.

But, my hubby know this is another Get Rich Quick Scheme. No products sold. Just make your own investment first, then bring in new members (with new investment) and you can start earning your 'commission' or 'bonus'. The more friends or downlines you have, the more money  you will received. By logically thinking, how can bringing new friends can bring us money? They claimed they invest the money collected in high risk trading. But, how can their fund managers are so smart, every time making good money? Hubby doubt it. I doubt it too.

This is really similar to some Get Rich Quick Scheme which existed in Malaysia few years ago, among them is Genneva Gold Scheme, and another famous one is Swiss Cash.

Despite many news reported on these investment scams, people still fall into these unauthorized investment scheme and at high risk of losing their hard earned money. The sad parts is, hubby said, most of those turned up during the sharing session were retiree who wish to make some money with their EPF@KWSP savings, which they had just withdrew. I can't imagine what will happened to their hard earned money...