Monday, April 27, 2015

Forth Week After GST Implementation

Two weeks ago, I went to a bakery to look for sweet potatoes bread. Few months back, I remember the price was RM5.50/loaf. I was surprised to see the new price tag RM6.80/loaf (inclusive of GST). No wonder, there's quite a lot of sweet potatoes bread left... I decided not to buy the sweet potatoes bread too. Not because I can't afford it but I strongly disagree with the way some businessman running their business. 

Last weekend, hubby and me went to one of the local kopitiam for kolo mee and tea-c. The kolo mee still the same price, RM3.00/bowl. The kolo mee operator complained that she absorbed some of the additional cost such as soy sauce and raw kolo mee. I think if she increase the price by RM0.20, as a consumer, I still can accept it. For the tea-c, hubby and me were surprised that the price had gone up to RM1.50/small cup from the RM1.20/small cup. An increment of 25%!

Today's lunch, I went to one of the local restaurant which I used to go at least once a month. From the menu, I saw that the food's price all increased by RM0.50/plate. On top of that, this restaurant still charge 6% GST! No wonder I saw there's so much less customers compare to before... I am planning to reduce my visit to this restaurant... Again, not because I can't afford it, but because I believe, as a consumer we need to be smart. 

I have more to share but let's save it for my next post...

Update on 23 May 2015:
Today I visited the same bakery again. I noticed the price tag is now RM5.80/loaf (inclusive of GST) for sweet potatoes bread. This new price is more reasonable. Hubby asked me if I saw the price wrongly last month. But, I am sure I saw the price correctly. Anyway, this is great to know.

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