Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Week of GST Implementation

Today marks the first week of GST implementation in Malaysia. This is the hottest topic at the moment. Within this week, hubby grumbled a few times about some coffee shop who had increased their price. As for me myself, I noticed some cafe and kopitiam also had increased their price of foods. And on top of the new price, some also impose GST 6% on the bill. It is obvious that some of the shop operators are taking advantage of GST implementation to increase the price of their food. At one of the kopitiam, hubby asked the shop operator why the tea-c which was priced at RM1.30 before is now RM1.50 (15% increment)? The shop operator replied, it was because the price of evaporated had increased. Hubby shared with me some simple calculation. Let's assume, a can of evaporated milk which cost around RM3 can produce 10 cups of tea-c, then the new price of the evaporated milk would be RM5! That is ridiculous! 

A friend who had a bowl of kolo mee (Kuching local noodle) during the weekend complained that the price had increased from RM3.00 to RM3.50. That is almost 17% increment!

I am wondering if we can complain to KPDNKK for the 2 cases above...

That's just 2 stories from me for the first week of GST implementation.

Isn't it GST supposed to reduce the burden of the rakyat?

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