Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Do Employees Leaving The Corporate World?

For those who are in the corporate world and for those who had left the corporate world, you should know what I am talking about. Why do more and more employees are leaving the corporate world? Well, I have some of the reasons:

1) Could not stand the work pressure
The work pressure is from everywhere - your immediate superior, your colleagues, your customers, your competitors, your CEO... I think not many people willing to be in this stressful working environment for long. Some healthy pressure is good for a better achievement but only a robot can handle continuous pressure, unrealistic target and never ending deadlines.

2) Organizational blame game
My colleague and I call this, 'throw the ball around game'. When an issue happened, no one trying to find solutions to it, instead they find someone to blame and try to throw the issue to another department. The issue ended unsolved and might cause losing customers. Instead learning from the mistake and working together to prevent the same issue from happening again, the blame game will only bring further harm to the organization.

3) Too many office politics
Wow... this is really a game that many would not want to be involved but sad to say, it's hard to avoid in a big organization. Even a small office of two or three person cannot run away from office politics. Not to mentioned big corporate with hundreds of employees where most of these employees only concern about their own personal benefits. Back stabbing can happened anytime anywhere. I always tell myself that never trust all they said, leave some room for the real story.

4) Repeating negative events
It is always somewhere, on one fine day, big boss call a colleague (well, quite a good employee who had contribute for years for the company) to his room. The next thing would be that colleague packing up and was informed that he's been made redundant. Few months on the road, another person had to go. No one deserved to be treated like this!

5) Dysfunctional human resource department
I always believe human resource play a very important role in a development of an organization especially huge organization. After all, employment started and ended with human resource involved. Some strict policies must be applied to everyone for the company's benefits. No special treatment for that somebody. I believe it is especially important for human resource to properly 'screen through' the candidates before offering long term employment. Some negative attitudes spread faster than a typhoon :p

6) Realization that there's more to life than that corporate job
Towards some points, we will realize that there's more to our life than that corporate job. Maybe time and experience had mold us into a better person. Maybe the corporate world had taught us something that we are now looking at things differently. Maybe the long stressful working hours had not only draining our energy but also taking away some part of our healthy body. 

Are you considering leaving the corporate world? Share with me what are the reasons you are leaving or planning to leave the corporate world.

photo credit: Boat-plank illustration via photopin (license)

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