Monday, March 30, 2015

Pre GST Shopping Rush

I noticed people started talking about pre Goods and Services Tax (GST) shopping weeks before it's implementation on 1st April 2015. Since last Friday, traffic started to get congested and I saw many people went shopping around Kuching town. Among the goods sought after were electrical items, furniture and daily necessities such as toothpaste, detergent, toilet papers, baby diapers, shampoo, coffee powder, chocolate drinks, milk powder and canned food. 

Over the weekend, local tv news reported many shoppers crowded the shopping malls with both hands and trolley full with items. Local newspapers also reported on mad shopping.

Yesterday, when I myself went for weekly grocery shopping at a nearby supermarket, I was surprised to see many shoppers and the car-park was full. As for me myself, I only bought those items I need. No stocking as hubby and me don't usually consume a lot of daily necessities. For those with huge family size, I think it's wise to make bulk purchase for daily necessities as 6% savings of items purchased before GST would mean quite a lot for them. Just make sure to plan and purchase items as needed and make sure to use the items before the expiry date.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PTPTN: 20% Discount For FULL Study Loan Repayment

In one of my previous post, I shared on the process and procedure on how to make full PTPTN loan repayment. I also shared that I was given 20% discount when I told the PTPTN officer I wish to make full settlement for my PTPTN study loan.

So, for all PTPTN borrowers who wish to save some money, you may proceed to any PTPTN counters by 31 March 2015 to enjoy 20% discount when you make full PTPTN loan repayment. You may read the news here. My advice would be - do not turn up last minutes on 31 March 2015. Plan and visit PTPTN counter the earlier possible. Some times, it can be a very busy and packed day at PTPTN office especially with important due dates like 31 March 2015.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew: The Last Farewell To My Wife

Last night, I read the eulogy by Singapore Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew which was delivered at the funeral service of his wife, Madam Kwa Geok Choo at a private ceremony at Mandai Crematorium on 7 Oct 2010. 

When I finished reading the eulogy, I had tears at the edge of my eyes. I would say, it is very touching, inspiring and full with warmth and love. She was a great woman. A woman with great intelligence and great capability who is also friendly, warm and considerate. I believe she had positively influenced Mr Lee in many ways. When I read 'Without her, I would be a different man, with a different life', that's the moment I felt tears in my eyes.

She had lived a very meaningful live.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Do Employees Leaving The Corporate World?

For those who are in the corporate world and for those who had left the corporate world, you should know what I am talking about. Why do more and more employees are leaving the corporate world? Well, I have some of the reasons:

1) Could not stand the work pressure
The work pressure is from everywhere - your immediate superior, your colleagues, your customers, your competitors, your CEO... I think not many people willing to be in this stressful working environment for long. Some healthy pressure is good for a better achievement but only a robot can handle continuous pressure, unrealistic target and never ending deadlines.

2) Organizational blame game
My colleague and I call this, 'throw the ball around game'. When an issue happened, no one trying to find solutions to it, instead they find someone to blame and try to throw the issue to another department. The issue ended unsolved and might cause losing customers. Instead learning from the mistake and working together to prevent the same issue from happening again, the blame game will only bring further harm to the organization.

3) Too many office politics
Wow... this is really a game that many would not want to be involved but sad to say, it's hard to avoid in a big organization. Even a small office of two or three person cannot run away from office politics. Not to mentioned big corporate with hundreds of employees where most of these employees only concern about their own personal benefits. Back stabbing can happened anytime anywhere. I always tell myself that never trust all they said, leave some room for the real story.

4) Repeating negative events
It is always somewhere, on one fine day, big boss call a colleague (well, quite a good employee who had contribute for years for the company) to his room. The next thing would be that colleague packing up and was informed that he's been made redundant. Few months on the road, another person had to go. No one deserved to be treated like this!

5) Dysfunctional human resource department
I always believe human resource play a very important role in a development of an organization especially huge organization. After all, employment started and ended with human resource involved. Some strict policies must be applied to everyone for the company's benefits. No special treatment for that somebody. I believe it is especially important for human resource to properly 'screen through' the candidates before offering long term employment. Some negative attitudes spread faster than a typhoon :p

6) Realization that there's more to life than that corporate job
Towards some points, we will realize that there's more to our life than that corporate job. Maybe time and experience had mold us into a better person. Maybe the corporate world had taught us something that we are now looking at things differently. Maybe the long stressful working hours had not only draining our energy but also taking away some part of our healthy body. 

Are you considering leaving the corporate world? Share with me what are the reasons you are leaving or planning to leave the corporate world.

photo credit: Boat-plank illustration via photopin (license)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hit & Run @ Kuching

Last Monday, my car was being hit & run at a junction. When I saw a 4WD coming very fast from my left side, I quickly stop my car. But, I was shocked when I saw the way the 4WD driver drove through and teared my front bumper and scratched some part of my car. He didn't stop and checked on my car, but he just pretend that nothing happened. Luckily I remember his car plate. So, I went to the nearest police station and was advised to lodge a report at police traffic station. Before that, the kind police officer at the police station had helped me to check the owner of the car plate, but she was not able to reveal more information. So, I proceed to lodge my police report at another police traffic office.

Upon completing the report, the investigation officer said he will help to trace the driver but of course I must cooperate. Because the 4WD is a company car, so I tried to search for the location of the company. Finally, I found the location of the company which is nearby the location of my car accident. The next day, my hubby and me went to the company and asked the owner of the company and shared with her the hit & run accident which happened the day before. She said the car belongs to the company and she knew the driver who drove the 4WD the day before. But, he's not at work. She promised to call back within a few days. 

On Wednesday evening, she called back and told me that her big boss would like to see me to further understand the accident situation. So, on the forth day, hubby and me went to see the big boss. He is quite a serious but nice man. We also met up with the driver of the 4WD, but he claimed that I hit him at the back of his 4WD. Since he was not willing to admit his mistake, the big boss said it's better to make a police report and let police investigate the matter. This is also, because I had made a report earlier, so he also need to make a police report. Four of us went to the police traffic office. Too bad, the investigation officer was on leave. So, we all had to come back on the next day, which was Friday. When the driver was making the police report, he claimed that I hit his 4WD and I was turning into a one way lane. His information was completely wrong as I had stopped my car and my car is static. The road is a two way road. I also heard that his licence is 'P licence'. My hubby and me was quite angry but I am confident it was his fault. Upon completing his report, the big boss asked for my hubby mobile number and said that he will call my hubby in the evening for 'some arrangement'. But, that evening, my hubby didn't receive any call from him.

On Friday, while hubby and me were getting ready to go to the police traffic office, the big boss called and said he's willing to pay for my car repair. And for the police traffic compound, we both share half of the payment. I agreed on the arrangement, partially, because I feel pity for the driver. I believe he unintentionally hit my bumper and scratched my car. And if the police officer started investigation on him, he will be in trouble as he didn't make police report within 24 hours and he didn't place the 'P' sign in front and at the back of his 4WD. And most importantly, he hit my car and run and he's also can be charged with dangerous driving. I believe he's too scared to stop his car and come down to check.

As for my car repair, the amount that the big boss pay wass not enough to cover and I still need to top up some cash on my own. But, I don't really mind as I hope to solve the matter as soon as possible. I just hope that the drive can learn a lesson here and be a responsible driver.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How To Top Up Manulife PRS Investment Through Online Banking

To top-up my Manulife PRS Investment, I have a few options below:

1) Write a cheque to Manulife Asset Management Services Berhad;
2) Pay cash to my PRS advisor;
3) Through online banking or e-banking

Since I am a Maybank2u user, so it's much more easier to top-up my Manulife PRS Investment through MBB online banking. You will be able to find the guidelines on online payment on Manulife Asset Management Services Bhd website.The steps are similar, just that for PRS investment, I need to select Manulife Asset Management Services Bhd (PRS Pension). Instead of key-in the investment account number, I need to key-in my full name (as per IC) and my New IC number. My advisor said that, the system will automatically top-up based on full name and New IC number. 

To be on the safe side, I also email the payment receipt to my advisor. A few days after my transfer done, I saw my investment been updated accordingly. 

If you are not a Maybank2u user, you still can make an online GIRO transfer to Manulife Asset Management Services Bhd Maybank account. You may request the Maybank account number from your advisor.

Hope the above helps.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Retirement Guidelines

I love reading on retirement matter. This article on The Star Online today provides a good guidelines on retirement mistakes to avoid. Some thoughts after reading this article:

1) Plan early and take advantage of 'The power of compounding interest'. The earlier you start your retirement savings, the longer duration you will have and the bigger your retirement fund will grow.

2) Do not rely on EPF@KWSP alone for your retirement planning. Do additional retirement saving such as Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) or have additional investment with unit trust companies.

3) Take consideration of the effect of inflation in your retirement planning. If you think you need RM3000/month and to retire in 10 years, then you might actually need RM5000/month to retire by taking consideration of 6% inflation yearly.

4) Have a good medical coverage and purchase the policy as early as possible. As we age, the needs for medical care increase. A good medical coverage will greatly lessen the financial burden.

5) Learn to take risk to grow your nest egg. Ensure a portion of your nest egg is under high income generating portfolio.

No matter at what junction of our life, let's take some time and plan for our retirement.

photo credit: Retirement via photopin (license)