Saturday, February 7, 2015

EPF@KWSP - EPF Declares 6.75 Percent Dividend Rate For 2014

EPF@KWSP today declares  6.75% dividend rate For 2014. This is much better compare to last year dividend rate which was 6.35%.

I am a bit surprised with the high dividend rate because I was thinking the dividend rate for 2014 might dropped compare to 2013 due to volatile market situation and slow economic in the global market. But, of course I am very happy with the 6.75% dividend rate.

Based on the announcement on EPF@KWSP website, contributors may view their updated account statement via i-Akaun or check through EPF Kiosks or visit any EPF@KWSP branches starting from Sunday, 8 Feb 2015.  I managed to log in to my i-Akaun and the 2014 dividend already credited to my account. Double Thumps Up to EPF@KWSP for the great work done!

 Let's hope for many more fruitful years ahead.