Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Problem with Full Time Employment

Sometimes, I think the main reason with full time employment is, it leaves no time for the person to think and plan ahead for his future. The busy day to day schedule, the never ending deadlines always make a person feeling tired towards the weekend, resulting to be too exhausted to think or plan for his future path. 

Perhaps this situation is not that bad in developed countries where employees have specific of number of work hour per week, and the wages is by hours of work done. In developing countries like Malaysia, employees are expected to work extra hours and some times they have to bring back their workload to their home. In my earlier days, I used to work till very late in the evening and usually I was the first to arrive in the office. Sometimes, also turned up on Saturday, trying to settle those unfinished paperworks. Along the way, I learned to prioritize my tasks better. At the same time, I also promised myself that I will follow my working hours as in my letter-of-offer and I will leave my workplace on time and most importantly, I will not bring home my work. After working hours, all these are my personal time and for my personal matters. With this, situation gets better. I feel less exhausted and have some time to think ahead and some time to free my mind from being occupied by work related matter. At least, some time for me to enjoy other things other that work.

But, I believe many are still trapped in the busy schedule of full time employment, leaving little space for us to really think and plan ahead for our own direction. Of course, one can say, it always up to the person. If he really want to plan for his future, he will find time for his planning. He will not blame on other factors such as busy working life leaving him no time for planning.

No matter what, I strongly believe, one should take time and think about his own future. Take some time to reflect on the past, learn from it and plan for a better future.

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