Monday, January 5, 2015

Gender Pay Gap In Malaysia

First of all, I would like to greet all my readers a Happy New Year 2015! May you will have many awesome news in 2015 and may you will be blessed with good health and great wealth. 

Among the news I read this morning is this news from The Star Online. It's an article about the wages for Male verses Female workers in Malaysia. Sad to say that in most sector, there is still a huge gape between wages for male and female in Malaysia, with male being paid about 25% more than their female counterparts except in certain industries such as the construction industry.

I am wondering, for the same position / vacancy in corporate sector, will a male and female candidate to be offered the same basic pay or package?

I am not against Men to be paid more than Women. But, an average of 25% wage difference across most industries and most level of jobs (entry level, service and sales, skilled workers, managers, professionals) and in different states - this is a huge difference. It would be more balance if in same industries or entry level, women earn more than men.


  1. Is female in general less capable than male or people racist over female and give female less salary? Maybe in general, male is more career oriented than female?

    1. Perhaps along their career path, female had to give up or at least slow down their career advancement due to childbearing and taking care of their young children.. so, it does somehow affect their paycheque. Comparing to male who can concentrate on their career along the way...