Thursday, March 20, 2014

My First Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Investment

By now, I believe most of us, the wage earners in Malaysia had heard of Private Retirement Scheme (PRS). In December last year, I started my first investment in Private Retirement Scheme (PRS). I have 2 consultants from different firms who had shared their PRS funds with me earlier. I invested in Manulife because the timing for the consultant to share with  me is right and she is very consistent and quite professional in my previous dealing with her. Btw, I also had other investment with her. So, I feel quite comfortable with her style. Back to my PRS investment, upon filling up the forms and answer a few questionnaires, the fund which is compatible with my 'investment taste' is Manulife PRS Growth Fund. Since 2013, I had done some reading about PRS, so I roughly had some idea what is PRS. If you wish to know more about PRS, I suggest you read about it here and here.

Well, if you've invested in PRS as well, do share with me which fund you're investing in.

photo credit: scottwills via photopin cc

Thursday, March 6, 2014

EPF@KWSP - EPF Declares 6.35 Percent Dividend Rate For 2013

It might be a bit late, but I still wish to share the news on EPF 2013 dividend rates. It is 6.35% for 2013! Quite impressive. And as an EPF@KWSP member, of course I am very happy for the 6.35% dividend. On the night of 16 Feb 2014, upon hearing the news from my tv screen, I tried to log-in to my i-Akaun. It was very smooth and I managed to log-in successfully and there's no lagging. And the dividend already updated in my i-Akaun. This is huge improvement. I remember last year, the dividend only been updated in my i-Akaun on the next day. And when I tried to log-in to my i-Akaun the next day, I need to wait for quite some time as there's message 'the site is busy'. For this year, this is another great improvement by EPF@KWSP.

You can access the news on EPF@KWSP 2013 dividend announcement here.

And I am looking forward for more a more fruitful year ahead :)