Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Tough Side of Doing SALES

In my earlier post in July this year, I shared about '7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sales Profession'. I think it will be unfair if I only share the good part and exclude the tough part of doing sales. So, in this post, I share my thought on the tough side of doing sales:

1) Meeting Sales Target
I guess this is the part that drive most people away from sales profession. The pressure of achieving the sales target no matter what's the situation. This is also one of the aspect that make sales profession different from other profession. Because of this target, those in sale profession had to crack their brains to find ways to achieve their sales target. Along the way, they learn new things too.

2) Thick-Skinned
In sales line, one must have some level of 'thick skin' because it is common to expect more than 50% of rejections in sales (first approach). One must take initiative to start the conversation and be approachable. One must be able to take and handle criticism professionally. Among the attitude of a successful salesperson would be someone who take rejections positively.

3) The 'Sandwich' Situation
As sales personnel, one become the representative of the company. Once the deal is successful, the sales personnel become the middle person between the company and the customer. If everything is smooth, then there is not much problem. But, when problem happened (which in most cases, problems do happened), then the sales personnel is in a 'sandwich' situation. Sales personnel must be smart to handle both situation smartly as both are equally important.

4) Be Prepared for Multi-Tasking
In one day, a salesperson must be prepared to make cold calls, arrange appointments, meet up with prospects, receiving complaints/inquiries either by phone/email/fax/SMS and attending to all these complaints and inquiries. At the same time, he must be prepared to have meeting with his colleagues, his superior and other team members to solve his clients' complaints and inquiries. Not forgetting, to be responsible for his client's payment records and his daily/weekly/quarterly/yearly reports as well. One of my bosses said, being a sales person means that we're a 'small boss' taking care of our own 'small business' :)

5) Overcoming the bad-label of a typical salesperson
In some office doors, you will see 'No Salesman Allow' signboard. This show that, most people still have negative thought about salesperson. Perhaps they have had bad experience with some sweet talking salesman. So, I find that it is quite challenging to change the prospects perceptions towards salesperson. It's not easy. Prospects always have this feeling that salesperson always give empty promises or over-promise. So, in order to overcome this, a good sales person will always think for the benefits of her clients and at the same time the company is 'happy' with the benefits. In other way, win-win situation for both - company and clients.

The above are my thought on some of the tough side of sales profession. Perhaps it is different from one company to another and it also depends on the industry you're working with. If you have more to share, feel free to comment below.

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