Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why SOSCO@PERKESO Is Important for Malaysian Employee

Other than EPF@KWSP, Malaysian employers are required to register and contribute to SOSCO@PERKESO on monthly basis. You can click here for the rate of SOSCO@PERKESO contributions, based on your monthly wage. Maybe the monthly contribution which is deducted from our monthly payslip is not significant (the highest contribution by employee is RM14.75 - for monthly wage RM2,900 and above), but it is very important for us to contribute to SOSCO@PERKESO.

SOSCO@PERKESO is just like 'an insurance at work', where the workers are protected when they are at work. It can be accidents while traveling to / from work, accidents at work, accidents during emergency at work or illness caused by working condition (employment injuries or occupational diseases). I am amazed by the list of benefits provided by SOSCO@PERKESO. You can refer to the full list here.

So, all employers and employee must take SOSCO@PERKESO seriously. At least, when something happened while we are at work, we have SOSCO@PERKESO for the medical benefits including temporarily / permanent disability, dependants' benefit or funeral benefits.

For all employers out there, please ensure all your employees are registered with SOSCO@PERKESO and most importantly, must pay the monthly contribution accordingly. If something happened to your employee while she/he is at work, at least some of the medical expenses can be covered by SOSCO@PERKESO. For employees, please check your monthly payslip for the SOSCO@PERKESO contributions.

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