Sunday, September 14, 2014

(Local) Places of Interest To Visit In Kuching, Sarawak

This post is dedicated to those who are planning to visit Kuching, Sarawak. Occasionally, I do have friends or relatives visiting Kuching for the first time. Usually, they will request to visit places of local interest. Sometimes, they will request to experience the life of local Kuching people. I guess, if it's me, I would prefer to visit and experience the life of the local place as well, rather than just follow the itinerary provided by tour agencies. So, here I listed down 8 places of interest with some 'Kuching feels'.

1) Sarawak Muzeum
Based on the name, you already roughly have an idea about this place. Located within Kuching city centre. A visit to Sarawak Muzeum will enhance your knowledge about the life of the local people, their culture and its history.

2) Ewe Hai Street
I usually see a lot of tourist along Ewe Hwai Street. You can easily locate Ewe Hai Street or Jalan Ewe Hai from Google Maps. Along Ewe Hai Street, you will see many Bed & Breakfast, Lodge, eateries, cafe and other local shops. You will be able to find the tourist-famous local coffee cafe, Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company. You will be able to smell the freshly brew coffee from far away :) Black Bean Coffee & Tea is famous for its Sarawak gourmet coffee. These coffee beans are planted by the local Bidayuh and it's organic. I would say, the coffee has a very special taste and my bro-in-law from Taiwan loves this coffee very much. If you're a coffee lover, I would strongly encourage you to give our local coffee a try.

3) India Street
This is a very busy street located within Kuching city centre. It's famous for its textile and spices. Other than that, there are many other shops as well. You will experience many different layer of Kuching people here.

4) The Pasar Tani MJC, Batu Kawah (MJC's Farmer's Market)
Whenever I have the chance, I would visit Pasar (Local language for 'market') Tani ('Farmer) MJC (a local town in Kuching developed by MudaJaya Corp). I love to see the fresh produce from the local farmers, the different walks of life of Kuching people and the many local foods only available in Kuching. So far, I don't see many tourist visiting this place. But, I would strongly suggest you pay a visit to this place. It's located about 20mins drive from Kuching town. Take note, it only open on Thursday and Friday, 1pm-10pm. It is better to visit on Thursday as there're more traders on Thursday compare to Friday.

5) Jong's Crocodile Farm
Jong's Crocodile Farm is a famous place of interest among the local as well. Located along Kuching/Serian Highway, you will need about 40mins drive from Kuching city centre. Most travel agency will arrange for its tour for a visit to Jong's Crocodile Farm. You will not only expect to be entertained by the crocodile show but also have the chance to see  many other unique animals as well. I would strongly suggest you visit during crocodile feeding time, 11am and 3pm daily. There are entry fees applied.

6) MBKS (Council of the City of Kuching South)
This is the administration centre of Kuching City South. But, I am not suggesting you to visit the administration office :) Late in the evening, between 5pm-7pm, I would suggest you have an evening walk at MBKS. You will see many local Kuching people from all walks of life also taking the opportunity to jog, have an evening walk, bringing their kids to the playground and some old folks chit chatting at the garden along MBKS buildings. You will be entertained by the local flora and other plants as well.

7) Semenggok Orangutan Rehabilation Centre
This is another famous tourist attraction, located about 25mins from Kuching city centre. I myself have been here a few times. If you are lucky, maybe you will be able to have a wefie with the orangutans. Open from Mon-Fri only, 8am-5pm. Remember to visit during feeding time, 9am and 3pm.

8) Local Pottery Shops along Jalan Penrrisen
Along the journey to Jong's Crocodile Farm and Semenggok Orangutan Rehabilation Centre, you will passed by a number of pottery shops along Jalan Penrissen. I would strongly suggest you drop by these local pottery shops to see the different design of Sarawak pottery. You will be able to find local Sarawak souvenir at very reasonable price too. 

These are among the local places of interest which I think will be able to give you the 'Kuching feel'. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Kuching. Feel free to drop me a message if you would like to know more about these places.

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  1. These attractions are the most famous attraction in Kuching city that you share in your blog. This city is the capital and most populous city in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. I visited there last year before west coast tours with my friends. We are going many places but the Sarawak State museum is my favorite place in this city. It is the oldest museum in Borneo. It was founded in 1888 and opened in 1981.