Monday, September 1, 2014

A Recommended Eye Specialist Clinic in Kuching

On the early morning of 15 July 2014, I was shocked when I looked at my right eye in the mirror. The white part of the corner of my right eye was very red and it seems like there's traces of blood inside. At first I thought it was due to shampoo but it doesn't look exactly like that. I quickly get my hubby to check on my right eye. Hubby said looks like something wrong with my right eye. But, there's no pain, just slightly uncomfortable for my right eye. I told hubby I will wait till noon, if the redness still there, then I will go to see a doctor.

When I arrived at office, my colleague was shocked when she noticed my very red right eye. Actually, I think my eye looked scary. She told me to see a doctor immediately. Around noon time, I decided to see Tiong Eye Specialist Clinic. When I arrived, the clinic was quite full. The receptionist is very friendly. When she looked at me, she roughly know my eye problem. She said not a serious problem, but the redness will expand within 24 hours. While waiting for my turn, I chit chat with 2 aunties who's also waiting for their turn. One of them was doing a follow up after a cataract surgery. Her eyes are looking great. The other one was accompanying her husband for eye boils removal. I asked them about the services provided by the clinic, both of them said the service was good but some time have to wait for quite long due to long queue.

When it was my turn, the first nurse asked me about my eye problem and some questions. She checked both of my eyes. Then, another nurse checked both of my eyes. Then, finally the specialist, Dr Tiong checked my eyes. He thoroughly checked my right eyes using some tools and told me there's no big problem. My eye problem is called 'bleeding eyes' or Hyphema in its medical term. Knowing that, I feel relief. But, Dr Tiong said there're possibilities that the redness will get worse within 24 hours.When I asked him, what had cause my 'bleeding eyes', he said it was caused by broken eye capillaries. Just like bruises on our skin. There's no specific reason why it happened. Maybe due to heavy stretching. Or it could be I accidentally 'hit' my right eyes when I was asleep. He said the redness will be gone in a week time and it will not spread to the other eye or to other people. He prescribed a small bottle of eye lotion to remove the uncomfortable feeling in my right eye.  Total bill is RM60.00 (RM50 for specialist fee and RM10 for the eye lotion).

The redness spread slightly in that evening but slowly disappear. Within one week, it's totally gone.  

I am pleased with the service provided by Tiong Eye Specialist Clinic. The receptionist, the nurse/assistant and the specialist himself are very professional and friendly. I can tell, they are a group of people with good teamwork and with very good experience. As for the charges, it is very reasonable. For those from Kuching and if you are looking for an eye specialist, I highly recommend Tiong Eye Specialist Clinic, located at Timberland Medical Centre, Kuching. The contact number is 082-425322. Clinic hours from Mon-Sat: 8am-1pm. Mon-Thurs:1pm-5pm (Surgery).

photo credit: Michele Catania via photopin cc

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