Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Mini Retirement

Reading this article from MSN Money, I would really love a mini retirement. Well, just before the actual retirement in our golden ages, wouldn't it be nice if we can take a long break from work and do the things we love to do? What I meant by a long break is probably a few months or maybe a year or two :) To have the time to enjoy little things in life, like spend more time with our loved ones, finding new hobbies, go visiting to other places or maybe just chilling at home. Or perhaps just taking a stop from the everyday busy life, well you know... the kind of robotic life (wake up, go to work, lunch, work some more, go back home, dinner, sleep, wake up again and the circle continues), and spend some time thinking on the next direction of our life? We all know, we only live once and time is limited.

Are you thinking of a mini retirement too?

photo credit: wolfnowl via photopin cc

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