Monday, July 21, 2014

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sales Profession?

The other day, I was asking my teenage nephew about his plan after finished his study. He asked me back about my suggestions. When I suggest to involve in sales profession, he quickly said 'no.. no.. not for me' Then I asked him ‘why not?’. He said he does not want to be 'rejected' (means not successful in selling to prospects).

But, based on my own experience, a person should give himself or herself a chance to be in sales profession. I share below on 7 reasons why you should consider sales profession:

1) Meeting new people
You will get to meet many people from all works of life. From the receptionist to the clerk to the manager to the managing director and to the CEO as well. Along your way, you will find that these people will be able to assist you and helping your in building your own network. 

2) Exposure to the ‘outside world’
When I said ‘outside world’ it means the environment other than your own working place. You got to see different offices with different environment. You got to be exposed to different field and expertise. From here, you will have more diversified experience.

3) Building your own network
If you have many years of working experience, you will find out that networking play a very important role in all business. Your existing network might bring you new sales opportunity. It might affect your future too. Because, through this network, you might be offered another new opportunity or your dream job.

4) A training ground 
Sales career is a tough career. Along the way, there is a lot of self planning and self training involved. It also needs a brave heart and very positive attitude to keep the momentum going. It is good especially for those who just join the workforce to be involved in tough situation to build up his confidence. When the person look back, I am sure he will appreciate the opportunity given.

5) Recession proof profession
Sales person is needed everywhere in every organization. Even during recession, a company still need to hire sales person. If a company is downsizing, sales staff are seldom affected. Simply because the company still can operate without an admin staff but without a sales person, it is rather hard to run the business. Sales staff are needed to bring in sales/revenue for the company so that the company still can stay afloat and business is still running.

6) Potential of Good Income
Usually the salary package for sales profession is attractive because it involves commission. Other than the basic pay, a big portion of the salary come from sales commission. That's why it not unusual to see five figures salary for a top sales person. And usually, this big fat paycheque is the reason why many are into sales profession.

7) Flexibility in your working hours
As most of the time, the sales person are not station in the office, he can find flexibility to move around. Depending on the company policy, some companies are very lenient to their sales team by giving them full control on their own office hour provided their sales are coming in. Comparing to a typical 9 to 5 cubicle work, it is great to be able to have your own freedom and plan your own schedule.

Personally, I would strongly encourage fresh graduates to at least give oneself a chance in sales profession. This profession will definitely bring many benefits for their future career path.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Long Can We Expect Tax Refund from Inland Revenue Board (IRB) @ Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)?

I read from The Star Online that Inland Revenue Board (IRB) @ Lembaga Hasil Dalam  Negeri (LHDN) stated that all tax refund are processes within 30 days from the e-filing submission.

I submitted my 2013 income tax through e-filing on 17 June 2014. I have tax paid in excess due to my monthly tax deduction through PCB (Potongan Cukai Bulanan). Yesterday (8 July 2014), I received the overpaid tax through direct transfer to my bank account. So, what do you think about the time frame of the tax refund? I would say IRB@LHDN had done a great job to keep their promise. Their efficiency had made many Malaysian smiles. Keep up the good work! 

photo credit: Tax Credits via photopin cc