Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Do You Feel The Pinch of Rising Cost of Living in Malaysia?

I have heard it many times this year. I heard it from my family, my friends, my colleagues, my customers and the media as well. Goods increased in price. Services increased in price. A simple breakfast which consist of a bowl of noodle and a hot drink used to cost about RM4 but now in most eateries, it is between RM5 to RM6. For a simple lunch which consist of a plate of nasi campur (rice with vege and meat) and a drink used to cost about RM5 is not between RM6 to RM7. Added up, for breakfast and lunch only, one would need to spend between RM220 to RM260. This is for a very basic and simple meal.

It is the same for household and groceries shopping. If last year RM200 is enough for a week of grocery consumption for a family of 4, but now one might need to increase to RM250. For a car tyre which cost me about RM130 last year, is now RM170. I especially feel a huge price different when shopping for clothes. Two years ago, I can get a very good quality blouse for RM80. But now, I will need to pay between RM120 to RM150 for a good quality blouse! Sometimes, I wonder whether there is something wrong with the pricetag!

I do really the pinch of rising cost. How about you?

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photo credit: Asian Development Bank via photopin cc

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  1. Nice read! Very informative. Did you know that Unilever calls for business 'mindfulness' on consumption. Full story here: