Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Good Nursing Home @ Old Folks Home in Kuching

Recently, my husband and me visited a friend at a new nursing home in Kuching, Kenneth Care Home. Surprisingly the new nursing home is really like a home. The only difference is that there is too many pairs of shoe at the entrance :) And also, there are more beds compare to a normal home :) 

Most of the residents are senior citizens. Some are those who has been discharged from hospital but need 24 hours care such as stroke patients. We've also heard that some are temporarily residents who need additional support and care while they are recovering from sickness.

We chit chat with the nurses at the nursing home. They (the nurses) seems to be quite nice and are quite professional at their work. They take turn to stay overnight at the nursing home so that they are able to provide 24 hours care for the residents. They also provide day care services for the elderly.

The nursing home (the 5th branch) which already started its operation about 6 months ago is very spacious, clean, hygiene and properly taken care of. It is just like a big home. 

In term of the fees, I think it is quite reasonable with the services provided.

Personally I think this is a good quality nursing home. I have to admit that nowadays, a nursing home is a need in most developing cities including Kuching. Just like child care centre where we send our young kids while we are at work, similarly we also need a good place for our parents or parents-in-law to be well taken care of while we are at work. Mainly because our lives has changed so much since the past 10 to 20 years ago where usually there is a stay-at-home spouse to take care of the young and elderly.

For those of you who are interested to now more about this nursing home, please visit their website here.

Note: This is my personal experience and I am not being paid to advertise for their services. My main purpose is to share with fellow Kuchingites in case they are looking for nursing home for their loved ones in Kuching. I understand how tough it is to find a reliable place for our loved ones during difficult time. Let us spend more time and show more appreciation while we still have the chance.

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