Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EPF@KWSP - EPF Declares 6.15 Percent Dividend Rate For 2012

Wow... News on last Sunday 17 Feb 2013 announced that EPF@KWSP declared 6.15% dividend for 2012. Such a good news for all EPF@KWSP members :) When I checked my i-Akaun that night, I saw the dividend has been credited to my account.

Keep up the good work, EPF@KWSP. And of course we hope for better dividend for coming year :)

The full news can be reached here or here.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Things to consider before quitting your job

It's February and still in early 2013. Some may find that this is a good time to quit your current job and go for your dream job or just to take some break from the hectic work schedule. I listed below, some of the things to consider before quitting your existing job:

1)      Your current financial commitment
Housing/car loan, monthly utilities (water, electricity, phone, cable tv), groceries, insurance, kids expenses, tuition fee and many more. Unless you have other sources of income, you are likely to have to use you savings to cover your expenses and financial commitment while you are out of work. Make sure you have enough to cover your expenses until the next pay cheque. And you must be aware that, while you don’t have your regular income, you are also spending your savings.

2)      Your new employment
Sometimes you just feel like you want to quit and don’t want to think about other things. I can understand that. But, in real life, you should really think and plan for your next step.  So, when you are really stressed out  and really cannot go on, take a deep breath, perhaps apply for a few days leave and spend some time alone. Think and I really meant think hard and plan for your roads ahead. Try to 'survey' around for a new employment before throw that quitting letter to your boss.

3)      Staff benefits that you  might missed out
Some employment come with additional staff benefits such as insurance coverage, medical fee, optical and dental benefits, company share benefits, lower interest rates (banking sector), petrol allowance, company transportation. If you are really planning to quit, make sure you include the above expenses in your budget.

Well, another benefit would be company bonus. So, plan your quitting will be more justified for you. If you know your company is giving away bonus, try to plan to quit after your bonus. Unless, you really don’t care about the bonus (which I think most of your would really care) :)

4)      Your reason for quitting
You can just tell others (your spouse, your parents, siblings, kids, friends, relatives, neighbors,  your customer, your business associates) you quit your job because it’s too stressful, or you can’t take it anymore. It does not sound cool for you. Find an alternative way to describe why you quit. So, getting a new employment is really a more professional way to tell others why you quit :)

5)      The unattached period
If all this while you’ve been occupied with your work, it is going to be tough for you to just sit around doing nothing. Perhaps for the first few days or perhaps weeks, you’ll be feeling so happy that you can wake up at anytime you wish, you no need to see your boss face, no need to face those difficult colleague/customers. But, as the time goes by, you’ll start to feel stress for being to free and have nothing to look forward to. So, it important to know what you want to do during your unattached period. Maybe cultivate some hobbies or visit some friends/relatives which you’ve wish you can do but could not make it previously due to your busy work life.

Don’t be surprised if you started to miss your work or your stressful time, a few months after you quit. Unless you can find something which you really enjoy or something better, you are likely to miss something.

Feel free to add in any other things to consider before quitting your job. I would love to add them to the list :)

Cheers and all the best always!