Thursday, September 20, 2012

Twelve Years Old and Working Part-time

My 12-years-old niece who just completed her UPSR exam last week already start working part-time at a local supermarket. At first, I was surprised when she told me she's planning to work after her UPSR exam. But, after she explained it, I think it is also a good idea for her to spend her free time.

Her mum (my sis-in-law) also supported her idea of working part-time at the supermarket for 2 reasons. First reason is so that my niece won't be glued to her laptop from the time she wake up till she sleep at night. It's true. Since she has laptop and internet connection, she spent almost 100% of her time facing her laptop and facebook.

Even when she's doing her revision or homework, she still has her facebook page active. Wondering how she can concentrate on her study. Second reason is so that my niece will have her own pocket money to buy whatever she wish to have. Recently she told me she wants to buy a new smart phone.

Well, I guess there's a third reason - so that she learn to manage her finance early and so that she learn that the money does not drop from the sky :) Also, she'll be exposed to the 'working world' and gain some experience from there.

Comparing with my niece, it was really a different world for me. For me, after I finished my UPRS, I just enjoy my free time to the fullest. Playing with my younger brother, watching television and spending time with my parents.

How time really change the way we live!