Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After the Nightmare...

A quick update on my niece situation. She was discharged from hospital on 28 May 2012. Everyone in the family are so grateful and thankful. She's in good condition. Just that she has really slim down a lot. She used to be in big size. She lose more than 10kg within 1.5 months. Now, she is very slim and looks energetic. I think she looks like a different her (in a positive way). She still need to perform her CAPD 4 times daily. She can do it herself but her mum still help and monitor her during the CAPD. She said bath time was hard as she needs to ensure that the 'exit site' is protected. She said she's still learning. Twice a week, she'll need to have injection at hospital. Those injection are for additional minerals. In term of food, she has quite a strict diet. But, nutritionist said it's still early. As the time goes by, diet might change from time to time, depending on the body condition. 

Second week of June, she started to go to work at a local supermarket. She said she cannot stay at home 24 hours and doing nothing. She comes back home during lunch hour for her CAPD session. Looks not easy. But I know she's a strong girl.

We all still hoping for her to lead a normal life. We hope and we pray for her. And I am really thankful to God for I still able to see my niece and she still can go on her life though there are some changes. Thank You, my Lord...

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