Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to transfer money from Malaysia to Taiwan

Recently, when my sister came back to Malaysia, she would like to close one of her Malaysian bank account and bring back the cash to Taipei.  Since it involved quite a huge amount of cash, she has a few choices: (1) to bring the cash by herself back to Taipei (2) to buy travelers cheque where she can cash the travelers cheque in Taipei (3) to do a telegraphic transfer to her Taiwanese bank account. My sister chose option 3. The reasons are it’s safer for her and much more convenient compare to have to bring the cash with her and been asked to declare the cash she bring out of Malaysia.

At first, we went to HSCB bank. But sad to say, since we are not HSBC bank account holder, they cannot help us with the transaction. So, we went to another nearby bank, Public Bank. The customer service officer is very friendly and assisted us throughout the whole process. The form needed to transfer the money is called Remittance Application Form. The information needed will be the beneficiary details and the beneficiary bank account details (the bank name, bank account no, the address of the bank, the exact branch of the beneficiary bank and the phone number of the beneficiary). Of course, the MYR will be converted to NTW according to the exchange rate on that particular day. There will be a wire charge or credit transfer of MYR30.00. And lastly there must be a reason to transfer the cash to Taiwan. The bank officer advised the reason as ‘gifts’. We’re ok with that. 

If not mistaken, the money transferred within one working day. Quite fast and reliable.

Do you know of any other common method to transfer cash to other countries? If yes, do share with me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Insurance Coverage As Wealth Protection

In financial management, other than accumulating wealth, the other important part will be protecting our wealth.  Without wealth protection, uncertainties in life might take away our hard earned wealth. How to protect our wealth? We can do so with insurance coverage.

In Malaysia, car road tax renewal will only be issued upon the purchase of insurance of the car. From here, it shows the importance of insurance protection. That is for car, what more to say insurance for a human being?

When my niece was diagnosed with kidney failure, the first question my younger brother asked me was whether my niece has medical card or insurance coverage or not. Sad to say, my niece is not protected with insurance.  So, my brother (her father) has to settle all medical expenses with his hard earned money. Of course, we as family member, especially our parents did help them for the medical expenses. Like my niece case, it is a long term medical care for her. From the moment my niece diagnosed with kidney failure, my brother started to worry, not only on my niece's health condition but also worried for financial support of her health condition.

Lucky that after admitted to Sarawak General Hospital, the medical expenses is still manageable because it’s government hospital. Furthermore, my niece still holds her university student card. We are still unsure of the roads ahead, but we pray hard that her kidneys still has hope.

Situation would be better (financially) if my niece has her insurance coverage especially medical card.  My conclusion here is that it is important to have medical card and insurance coverage. We never know what lies ahead of us. It’s crucial to prepare for the worst. At least with medical card or insurance coverage, the financial burden will be lighter. 

For those who are not under insurance coverage or medical card, it is time to get one now. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Real Nightmare

An update about my niece condition. In my post dated 31 Jan 2012, I mentioned my 24 years old niece was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. One of the 3 specialist did mentioned that, without immediate dialysis, my niece can only survive for a maximum of 3 months. It has been a really hard time for my niece and our family member especially my brother and sis-in-law (my niece parents). My niece went to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) for weekly follow up where the doctors advised her to prepare and go for dialysis. My niece and her parents refused to do so as was told by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, there is hope in her kidneys if she does not go for dialysis. TCM doctor said, once she started dialysis, her kidney will be lazy to work and will not provide positive response to her TCM medication. Everytime my niece to SGH, she was terrified and worried as the doctors keep pushing her for dialysis. 

Within the period from Jan to Mid of Apr, my niece still taking the TCM + tradional herbs (all kinds of them) and some direct selling products. I was quite mad at my brother for forcing my niece to take the direct selling products. A lot of quarrels happened as well during this time. My niece was feeling really weak and sick from Jan to Mid of Apr 2012. Everytime I visited her, I feel so painful. She will share most of her sadness with me as it's hard for her to communicate with her parents. Most of their conversation ended in quarrels and feeling hurt. Everyday was filled with tears, tears from my niece, her parents and all of our family members. Never before I ever experience such a sad and bitter experience. Relatives started to visited my niece and my niece was always in bad mood. She said she feel very very sick and she not able to explain her sickness with words. She vomited most of the time, feel itchy on most of her body parts, no appetite at all, swollen legs, no energy, breathless and feeling tired most of the time. Towards Apr 2012, she told me she cannot sleep at night and she also don't dare to sleep because she worried she will never wake up again. She told me she started to feel there's a 3rd party surround her..

The TCM doctors said my niece need time to adjust to the TCM medication, but he not able to tell when my niece will have the positive sign. I was really angry with this TCM doctor. But my niece and her parents still put high hope on this TCM doctor. At last on 16 Apr 2012, the TCM doctor said it's better for my niece to admit to SGH for blood transfusion. On 14 Apr 2012, my niece already look terrible and really weak. She hardly can walk. The last appointment with the TCM doctor was on 16 Apr 2012, very early morning. By 9am, my sis-in-law called me, saying that my niece on the way to SGH emergency unit because she's in critical condition. During noon, she SGH immediately arranged for her dialysis through her stomach. She was really scared but still conscious. We all were really worried. SGH doctor said her dialysis will continue for at least 60 hours due to high urea and creatine level in her body. On the second day of her dialysis, she is a bit better. On the third day of dialysis, she sleep most of the time. On the forth day of dialysis, she also sleep most of the time. On the night of the forth day of dialysis, my niece turned into someone else. She become out of control. Things were really bad. She became violent and aggressive as well. We didn't know what to do. We heard that dialysis patient can become out of control, but we never know what is the actual meaning of 'out of control'. Doctors said, maybe my niece body couldn't adapt to the sudden drop of urea and creatine level during dialysis. My niece become unstable. She didn't eat for days and look really terrible too. 

Her unstable condition lasted for 2 weeks. It was really hard for my sis-in-law to take care of her. Everytime we visited her at SGH, my niece would cry and speak funny languages with some weird actions. Some times, it was like she's talking to the unseen creatures. Most of our visit to her ended in tears and pain in the heart with thousand of question marks in our head.

During this hard time, many friends and relative offer all kinds of help. On 27 Apr 2012, my church Father visited her. During this visit, my niece broke down and cried badly, shared her worries and concern. The next morning, my niece feel a bit better and said she feel like woke up from a dream. Her condition slightly improved but she still always in bad mood. At the same time, my brother also seek all kinds of help and treatment from anyone who can offer help including from mediums. On 9 May 2012, my niece called me and she sound like the real her. It was a really bright and light moment for me. I visited her on 12 May and she almost become my actual niece. We chit chat for quite some time. She is on peritonial dialysis training at SGH. Everyday, she needs to do her continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) four times at about 4-5 hours interval, with the help from her mum. This training will last for a few weeks. I visited her again yesterday. She is much-much better. Occasionally still asking me if her kidney will recover. All I can say is we hope and pray for it, but we need to be ready for the worst. She said she hates it when the doctors keep telling her that her kidney will never recover. I told her that doctors must convey the real message to their patients and do not want patients to have empty hope. Anyway, I do really hope and pray that my niece kidney still has hope. 

Her life will definitely change after this. Now is her final semester at university but she not able to attend her final semester. Her final exam will be next month. Most probably she will not be able to attend her final exam and her industrial training. Which means that she will not be able to graduate. I know she is really sad about this part. But, I told her, take good control and care of her health first. She can extend her study for a later time. 

Life not only change for her, but for everyone in our family as well especially her parents. We all still not sure the road ahead. We can only take one thing at a time. I hope my niece will become more stable so that she can perform the CAPD herself. I am happy that now she started to learn about her CAPD diet (what food should take, what food should avoid). I wish my niece will see hope in her life. I wish my niece will be strong. I know it is a tough time for a 24 years old. I told her that if she can go through this tough part, she will have nothing to fear in future. I wish my niece all the best and we all really care and love her.