Monday, April 2, 2012

What To Do In My Golden Years?

The other day, I was talking to hubby about what will I do when I retired. I meant, yes, now I am working but one day or when I reach 55, I will stop working. So, what will I do?

I look at my parents, I think they are very lucky. At the age of more than 70 years old, both of my parents still enjoying their farming. They still have some thing to do. And they are still earning good money from their farm. Most importantly, they no need to do exercise as they are already exercising while they are at the farm. I believe these exercise are keeping them in good shapes.

So, among the things I wish to do in my golden years:

1) Own a nursery. I hope this nursery will be able to provide an income to support me during my golden years. I enjoy working with the soil as it reminds me of my childhood memories.
2) Own a stall that sell healthy food. Or maybe some typical local delicacies (like kolo mee) but in a healthy way.
3) Write a book about personal money management based on my own experience.

Hmm.. I used to  have a lot of wishes and dreams in my golden years, but now seems like I don't really dare to write it down here. Wait till I am quite confident, then will update again. Anyway, writing and updating my blog is definitely in my golden year to do list.

How about you, what's your plan in your golden years? Travelling around and enjoying life? That's definitely the wish of everyone in their golden years. But, you can't be travelling and enjoying life 365 days, right? 

Tell me what you think.


  1. You don't have to wait until that time in order to write a book :-)

    1. Hello Alan :) How are you there? I believe you can retire anytime now, right? ;p Yes, you are right, I don't have to wait till that time to write a book... Should write now and write more books during my golden years :)