Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Salary Survey By Countries

Found this interesting website, Average Salary Survey 2011/2012 where the visitors from all over the world can enter their salary information. And later can be viewed and compared with others.

Based on the website, I would like to fly to Switzerland or Australia, and work there for a couple of years and then come back to Malaysia and relax for a couples of years :) As at today (4 Apr 2012) Malaysia is ranked 71 out of 187 countries. Not bad but can be further improved. Of course we always wish for improvement, right?

Based on the website, with 1000 entries from Malaysia, the average salary is USD15300 per year, which is about MYR50K (MYR4166 per month). Hmmm... I think Malaysian who entered their salary information in this website must be from above the middle income group. Because I know most of the people I know are earning between MYR2K-MYR5K per month, of course varies between different industries, years of experience and the company they are working with. There are also those from higher managerial level with more than MYR5K, but not many. Anyway, that's just a figure and it also depends on the 1000 entries received as 4 Apr 2012.

I have friends working in Singapore & United Kingdom, and family working in Taiwan, Brunei and Australia. I think the information are quite true. A friend who works in Singapore is earning 2.5 times from what she's earning in Malaysia. For example, in Malaysia, she's paid MYR2500. In Singapore, she's paid S$2500. No wonder she's not planning to come back to Malaysia. A friend who works in Taiwan is earning about NTD80K per month. But, needless to say, the living expenses for both my friend in Singapore and Taiwan is also very high especially for their room rental or housing loan. The thing I envy them is that they have higher purchasing power and better quality of life.

Well, we look forward for a better pay scheme for everyone.

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