Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Direct Selling @ Multi Level Marketing (MLM) @ Network Marketing

Recently an acquaintance referred me to a well-known international direct sales company. The agent,  Ms M contacted me and said would like to meet up. She did not mentioned the company she's working with. I think she knows that 80% would reject to meet up if she mentioned she's from a direct sales company. But, through the phone conversation, I was quite confident she's from that particular direct sales. That is because the slogan and the term she used is similar to those mentioned by a cousin of mine. My cousin is a member of this direct sales company.

We met up. After chit chatting for about 15mins, Ms M opened her files and YES, my guess was right. She explained and shared her company profiles, why her direct sales company is the best and the right one. At the end, she asked me what do I think. I told her, at this moment, I have no confidence in direct sales company and the chances of really successful people is very tiny. Honestly, I really don't like to do Direct Selling or MLM or Network Marketing. This particular business does not suit me. Previously, I did joined several direct selling company but not for the sake of doing the selling but for using some of the products.

Ms M is quite persistent. She keep asking me why I have no interest to join despite all the benefits that she has shared with me. She shared that before she decided to do full time, she did part-time for about 2 years. And now, she had joined full time for 2 years already. When I asked her about her income, she said her income now is triple from what she had when she's working as a Manager with a local agency. That is quite impressive.

I am also persistent, I thanked her for the sharing and I told her I know the products and program she is selling are among the top quality. But, I am really not into direct selling. Some day, maybe I will contact her if I wish to buy those products or program from her. Anyway, I am happy to get to know a new friend.

How about you? Are in in Direct Selling or MLM or Network Marketing business? Or are you considering to join any of the Direct Selling or MLM or Network Marketing business? Well, there are really some very successful people from Direct Selling or MLM or Network Marketing business. I bet they had made a lot of sacrifice for that too. I do admire them for all their hardwork and sacrifice.

Tell me what you think of Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing business.


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