Monday, April 9, 2012

3 Retirement Stories

Last night I was reading this article Life begins after retirement by The Star Online. There are 3 retirees, each with their own story. I am impressed with the first story of Mr Yap who went for his law degree after retired as a school headmaster. And now, he's an advocate and solicitor. I am impressed with the courage and determination shown by Mr Yap. 

For the second story of Mr Lee, I guess this is quite normal in our society especially now with couple getting married at older age and having children later in their life. This force retiree like Mr Lee to go back to work after retirement to supplement his family income and to support his children tertiary education. Until when all his children can support themselves, then he really retired and enjoy his life.

For the third story , a retiree who declined to be name thought of going back to workforce after retired for some time due to boredom. He said, 'it's not easy at all' to be employed again due to his age. What he meant is that the employer prefer younger candidates. I think I can understand this situation. In our country, the normal practice is - after retirement, just relax and enjoy your life.But, I believe slowly, this trend is going  to change as the living expenses increase and people find better quality of life with employment. 

Each story with its own lesson to be learned. I like Mr Yap story best!

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