Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Check for Bankruptcy Status in Malaysia

Recently had helped a friend to check  on some information on bankruptcy status in Malaysia. In Malaysia, when a person is declared bankrupt, he will not be allowed to travel outside of Malaysia (unless with permission from Direct General of Insolvency). So, one of the way to check on bankruptcy status in Malaysia will be through Malaysia Immigration Department.

You can click the link here from Immigration Department Malaysia. You will need the identification card (IC) number of that person. If a person is not allowed to travel to outside of Malaysia, there might be a possibility that he's in bankruptcy list. Bear in mind, there could be other reason as well such as blacklisted for not paying PTPTN study loan and etc.

But of course, the best way would be check through Malaysia Department of Insolvency (MdI). Through MdI, one can get a complete details of the bankruptcy info. You can get more info on MdI website here.

Hope the above helps.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ten questions to ask before you put your money in the wrong place

I read this interesting article written by P. Gunasegaram on The Star Online today:
Ten questions to ask before you put your money in the wrong place.
AH, people’s greed! It knows no bounds and everyone wants to make a quick buck with little effort.
They just can’t resist the opportunity to make easy money but too often they don’t stop to think. And they get burnt!
The sad thing is this happens over and over and over again despite all the caution that the authorities urge.
Eventually, when the scheme topples because the pyramid is teetering on the point and not resting on its base, and the sham is exposed, it’s to the authorities that the victims turn to.
So let’s not make noise when the authorities investigate money-making schemes, especially when they are too good to be true. Let the authorities investigate thoroughly because usually they investigate only after some complaints. And complaints are the first sign of trouble.
If there is absolutely nothing wrong with their business, and everything is legal and right, they will be allowed to operate again.
Nothing much would have been lost and they start again from where they left off.
But, if there is something wrong, the poker game is up and the house of cards will come tumbling down. In that case, all distraught investors can hope for is a share of whatever is left which often is not much.
There have been many kinds of scams over the years. Basically, all of them operate pretty much the same.
They actually pay out insane returns and dividends for a while and when enough people are attracted in, they disappear in a wink with all the money that people have put into the schemes, scams or shams.
And they pay attractive commission to those who get them customers.
It’s similar to stock market investors in ramped up counters: they know the fall will come but they hope to be among the first who get out before the values crumble and people start disappearing. That’s a high-risk gamble which for the most part is just not worth taking.
Here are 10 questions to ask before investing in a money-making scheme:
1. ARE the returns too good to be true?
If someone promises you 20% a year when fixed deposits pay 3%, that’s a damn good rate of return. But you need to find out what the risk is. Typically, the higher the return, the higher the risk.
2. DOES it claim to protect your capital?
If your returns are high and the scheme promises to preserve your capital, run as fast as your two legs will carry you. No one, not even the greatest investor the world has seen – Warren Buffett – can promise you that.
3. HOW is your capital protected?
If capital is protected and the return is reasonable, ask this question. If it is merely the word of the scheme or the company that is running the scheme, it will not be worth the paper it is written on if the scheme collapses and goes bust.
4. WHY does the company not make the money for itself?
If you are still convinced that they can give you such a return with no corresponding risk, ask yourself this question. They can very well borrow some money from their bank, sell all their assets or beg from their relatives if they can get that kind of returns instead of letting you make the money. Generosity like that does not exist.
5. HOW much work do you have to do?
The less work you have to do for the returns, the more suspicious you should become. If you are in direct selling, you have to work hard to get your commissions.
But if you are sitting back, kicking off your shoes and putting your feet up on the stool while watching the world go by and your money flow into your bank account, let me tell you something: It won’t last!
6. DOES it pay you when you recruit someone else into your scheme?
If it does, be very careful because that’s the classic way of spreading the scheme. You recruit someone, you get paid, your recruit gets someone, he gets paid – it spreads in geometric progression like wildfire.
But don’t forget, you most likely have not recovered your initial investment. The scam is still accumulating money and waiting for the last minute before it packs up, money and all, and flees.
7. DOES it claim that it has a proprietary product, service or method?
Oldest trick in the book, this one. They have such a fantastic advantage over the rest with this and they are so generous that they want to share it with you so that you will gain from it too. Charity from those who have not made enough money to be that charitable is rather suspect.
8. WHO are the promoters? Are they reputable people with solid track records and businesses built up through hard work? Or are they commission salesmen and saleswomen who have a glib tongue with which they smooth over the pitfalls of their so-called business?
9. HOW long have they been in business?
If they are new to the game, better be suspicious than sorry later.
There are many reputable direct sales organisations and if you are a good salesperson, you can make some money but usually they have been around for a while. I won’t name them, you know who they are.
10. HAS it started delaying payments?
Oh, poor you! If you are in it after asking all these questions and were still, well, conned, it may well be too late.
If they are delaying payments, they either got it wrong and can’t pay you or they are in the process of running and leaving you high and dry. Get the investigators in and salvage whatever you can.
Finally, remember, these scams can be quite smart, sophisticated and rather persuasive. Put them to the test by asking and answering these questions — hopefully you don’t have to answer question 10 by which time it may be too late — and we guarantee you will be safe.
Or your money back. Promise!

Good 10 questions to ask before invest your hard earned money, especially in high risk investment. And always remember, there must be something wrong somewhere if the deal sounds too good to be true.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Twelve Years Old and Working Part-time

My 12-years-old niece who just completed her UPSR exam last week already start working part-time at a local supermarket. At first, I was surprised when she told me she's planning to work after her UPSR exam. But, after she explained it, I think it is also a good idea for her to spend her free time.

Her mum (my sis-in-law) also supported her idea of working part-time at the supermarket for 2 reasons. First reason is so that my niece won't be glued to her laptop from the time she wake up till she sleep at night. It's true. Since she has laptop and internet connection, she spent almost 100% of her time facing her laptop and facebook.

Even when she's doing her revision or homework, she still has her facebook page active. Wondering how she can concentrate on her study. Second reason is so that my niece will have her own pocket money to buy whatever she wish to have. Recently she told me she wants to buy a new smart phone.

Well, I guess there's a third reason - so that she learn to manage her finance early and so that she learn that the money does not drop from the sky :) Also, she'll be exposed to the 'working world' and gain some experience from there.

Comparing with my niece, it was really a different world for me. For me, after I finished my UPRS, I just enjoy my free time to the fullest. Playing with my younger brother, watching television and spending time with my parents.

How time really change the way we live!

Monday, July 30, 2012

My new friend, AKPK

Recently, I had been reading interesting articles and meaningful sharing on Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) website. AKPK is a government agency which provides a few services - financial education, financial counseling and debt management. I saw and I heard about AKPK from local advertisement before, but didn't really look into it until recently.

There are many useful tools and self test too. I enjoy 'Success Stories' and 'Article and Tips' the best. Personally, I learned a lot from AKPK website and always looking forward to its new articles and sharing.

Hope you'll find it useful too.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After the Nightmare...

A quick update on my niece situation. She was discharged from hospital on 28 May 2012. Everyone in the family are so grateful and thankful. She's in good condition. Just that she has really slim down a lot. She used to be in big size. She lose more than 10kg within 1.5 months. Now, she is very slim and looks energetic. I think she looks like a different her (in a positive way). She still need to perform her CAPD 4 times daily. She can do it herself but her mum still help and monitor her during the CAPD. She said bath time was hard as she needs to ensure that the 'exit site' is protected. She said she's still learning. Twice a week, she'll need to have injection at hospital. Those injection are for additional minerals. In term of food, she has quite a strict diet. But, nutritionist said it's still early. As the time goes by, diet might change from time to time, depending on the body condition. 

Second week of June, she started to go to work at a local supermarket. She said she cannot stay at home 24 hours and doing nothing. She comes back home during lunch hour for her CAPD session. Looks not easy. But I know she's a strong girl.

We all still hoping for her to lead a normal life. We hope and we pray for her. And I am really thankful to God for I still able to see my niece and she still can go on her life though there are some changes. Thank You, my Lord...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to transfer money from Malaysia to Taiwan

Recently, when my sister came back to Malaysia, she would like to close one of her Malaysian bank account and bring back the cash to Taipei.  Since it involved quite a huge amount of cash, she has a few choices: (1) to bring the cash by herself back to Taipei (2) to buy travelers cheque where she can cash the travelers cheque in Taipei (3) to do a telegraphic transfer to her Taiwanese bank account. My sister chose option 3. The reasons are it’s safer for her and much more convenient compare to have to bring the cash with her and been asked to declare the cash she bring out of Malaysia.

At first, we went to HSCB bank. But sad to say, since we are not HSBC bank account holder, they cannot help us with the transaction. So, we went to another nearby bank, Public Bank. The customer service officer is very friendly and assisted us throughout the whole process. The form needed to transfer the money is called Remittance Application Form. The information needed will be the beneficiary details and the beneficiary bank account details (the bank name, bank account no, the address of the bank, the exact branch of the beneficiary bank and the phone number of the beneficiary). Of course, the MYR will be converted to NTW according to the exchange rate on that particular day. There will be a wire charge or credit transfer of MYR30.00. And lastly there must be a reason to transfer the cash to Taiwan. The bank officer advised the reason as ‘gifts’. We’re ok with that. 

If not mistaken, the money transferred within one working day. Quite fast and reliable.

Do you know of any other common method to transfer cash to other countries? If yes, do share with me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Insurance Coverage As Wealth Protection

In financial management, other than accumulating wealth, the other important part will be protecting our wealth.  Without wealth protection, uncertainties in life might take away our hard earned wealth. How to protect our wealth? We can do so with insurance coverage.

In Malaysia, car road tax renewal will only be issued upon the purchase of insurance of the car. From here, it shows the importance of insurance protection. That is for car, what more to say insurance for a human being?

When my niece was diagnosed with kidney failure, the first question my younger brother asked me was whether my niece has medical card or insurance coverage or not. Sad to say, my niece is not protected with insurance.  So, my brother (her father) has to settle all medical expenses with his hard earned money. Of course, we as family member, especially our parents did help them for the medical expenses. Like my niece case, it is a long term medical care for her. From the moment my niece diagnosed with kidney failure, my brother started to worry, not only on my niece's health condition but also worried for financial support of her health condition.

Lucky that after admitted to Sarawak General Hospital, the medical expenses is still manageable because it’s government hospital. Furthermore, my niece still holds her university student card. We are still unsure of the roads ahead, but we pray hard that her kidneys still has hope.

Situation would be better (financially) if my niece has her insurance coverage especially medical card.  My conclusion here is that it is important to have medical card and insurance coverage. We never know what lies ahead of us. It’s crucial to prepare for the worst. At least with medical card or insurance coverage, the financial burden will be lighter. 

For those who are not under insurance coverage or medical card, it is time to get one now. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Real Nightmare

An update about my niece condition. In my post dated 31 Jan 2012, I mentioned my 24 years old niece was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. One of the 3 specialist did mentioned that, without immediate dialysis, my niece can only survive for a maximum of 3 months. It has been a really hard time for my niece and our family member especially my brother and sis-in-law (my niece parents). My niece went to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) for weekly follow up where the doctors advised her to prepare and go for dialysis. My niece and her parents refused to do so as was told by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, there is hope in her kidneys if she does not go for dialysis. TCM doctor said, once she started dialysis, her kidney will be lazy to work and will not provide positive response to her TCM medication. Everytime my niece to SGH, she was terrified and worried as the doctors keep pushing her for dialysis. 

Within the period from Jan to Mid of Apr, my niece still taking the TCM + tradional herbs (all kinds of them) and some direct selling products. I was quite mad at my brother for forcing my niece to take the direct selling products. A lot of quarrels happened as well during this time. My niece was feeling really weak and sick from Jan to Mid of Apr 2012. Everytime I visited her, I feel so painful. She will share most of her sadness with me as it's hard for her to communicate with her parents. Most of their conversation ended in quarrels and feeling hurt. Everyday was filled with tears, tears from my niece, her parents and all of our family members. Never before I ever experience such a sad and bitter experience. Relatives started to visited my niece and my niece was always in bad mood. She said she feel very very sick and she not able to explain her sickness with words. She vomited most of the time, feel itchy on most of her body parts, no appetite at all, swollen legs, no energy, breathless and feeling tired most of the time. Towards Apr 2012, she told me she cannot sleep at night and she also don't dare to sleep because she worried she will never wake up again. She told me she started to feel there's a 3rd party surround her..

The TCM doctors said my niece need time to adjust to the TCM medication, but he not able to tell when my niece will have the positive sign. I was really angry with this TCM doctor. But my niece and her parents still put high hope on this TCM doctor. At last on 16 Apr 2012, the TCM doctor said it's better for my niece to admit to SGH for blood transfusion. On 14 Apr 2012, my niece already look terrible and really weak. She hardly can walk. The last appointment with the TCM doctor was on 16 Apr 2012, very early morning. By 9am, my sis-in-law called me, saying that my niece on the way to SGH emergency unit because she's in critical condition. During noon, she SGH immediately arranged for her dialysis through her stomach. She was really scared but still conscious. We all were really worried. SGH doctor said her dialysis will continue for at least 60 hours due to high urea and creatine level in her body. On the second day of her dialysis, she is a bit better. On the third day of dialysis, she sleep most of the time. On the forth day of dialysis, she also sleep most of the time. On the night of the forth day of dialysis, my niece turned into someone else. She become out of control. Things were really bad. She became violent and aggressive as well. We didn't know what to do. We heard that dialysis patient can become out of control, but we never know what is the actual meaning of 'out of control'. Doctors said, maybe my niece body couldn't adapt to the sudden drop of urea and creatine level during dialysis. My niece become unstable. She didn't eat for days and look really terrible too. 

Her unstable condition lasted for 2 weeks. It was really hard for my sis-in-law to take care of her. Everytime we visited her at SGH, my niece would cry and speak funny languages with some weird actions. Some times, it was like she's talking to the unseen creatures. Most of our visit to her ended in tears and pain in the heart with thousand of question marks in our head.

During this hard time, many friends and relative offer all kinds of help. On 27 Apr 2012, my church Father visited her. During this visit, my niece broke down and cried badly, shared her worries and concern. The next morning, my niece feel a bit better and said she feel like woke up from a dream. Her condition slightly improved but she still always in bad mood. At the same time, my brother also seek all kinds of help and treatment from anyone who can offer help including from mediums. On 9 May 2012, my niece called me and she sound like the real her. It was a really bright and light moment for me. I visited her on 12 May and she almost become my actual niece. We chit chat for quite some time. She is on peritonial dialysis training at SGH. Everyday, she needs to do her continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) four times at about 4-5 hours interval, with the help from her mum. This training will last for a few weeks. I visited her again yesterday. She is much-much better. Occasionally still asking me if her kidney will recover. All I can say is we hope and pray for it, but we need to be ready for the worst. She said she hates it when the doctors keep telling her that her kidney will never recover. I told her that doctors must convey the real message to their patients and do not want patients to have empty hope. Anyway, I do really hope and pray that my niece kidney still has hope. 

Her life will definitely change after this. Now is her final semester at university but she not able to attend her final semester. Her final exam will be next month. Most probably she will not be able to attend her final exam and her industrial training. Which means that she will not be able to graduate. I know she is really sad about this part. But, I told her, take good control and care of her health first. She can extend her study for a later time. 

Life not only change for her, but for everyone in our family as well especially her parents. We all still not sure the road ahead. We can only take one thing at a time. I hope my niece will become more stable so that she can perform the CAPD herself. I am happy that now she started to learn about her CAPD diet (what food should take, what food should avoid). I wish my niece will see hope in her life. I wish my niece will be strong. I know it is a tough time for a 24 years old. I told her that if she can go through this tough part, she will have nothing to fear in future. I wish my niece all the best and we all really care and love her.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Simple Comparison between Fixed Deposit Placement vs my MAAKL Mutual Funds

I was doing a simple calculation and comparison for the RM5K which I invested in MAAKL Dividend Fund and MAAKL Al-Fauzan Funds in the middle of year 2007. If the RM5K still sit in my bank fixed deposit, by now, my capital will be RM5,796.37 (assuming 3.0% annual interest). The calculation as below:
YearCapital (RM) Interest (RM) New Capital (RM)
Year 1 (2008)    5,000.00        150.00          5,150.00
Year 2 (2009)    5,150.00        154.50          5,304.50
Year 3 (2010)    5,304.50        159.14          5,463.64
Year 4 (2011)    5,463.64        163.91          5,627.54
Year 5 (2012)    5,627.54        168.83          5,796.37

But, because I invested the RM5K in MAAKL Dividend Fund and MAAKL Al-Fauzan Funds (RM2.5K for  each fund), I earned additional RM2,254.03 (based on unit price as at 12 Apr 2012). The fund details as below:
No Fund Name Units Unit Price (RM) Estimated Value (RM)
1 MAAKL DIVIDEND FUND 10,010.63 0.3772 3,776.01
2 MAAKL AL-FAUZAN 9,830.46 0.3538 3,478.02
Total (RM) 7,254.03
Note: Unit Price as at 12 Apr 2012

I am happy for the return on investment for both of my MAAKL Mutual Funds. There were times when I was thinking to sell off these funds, but at the end I convinced myself to give a minimum of 5 years for both funds. Again, of course, fund performance varies from time to time. And always understand and aware that for unit trust investment, there are risk involved. For fixed deposit, the risk is very minimal.

Hope the above illustration can provide some insight for those who are still thinking whether or not to transfer your fixed deposit to unit trust investment. If the fixed deposit are additional cash which you are not going to use for the next 5-10 years,  you can consider to invest in unit trust. Again, as a reminder, there's always risk in investment. Higher risk but higher return. Think about it, make your own decision and be responsible for your own decision.

Monday, April 9, 2012

3 Retirement Stories

Last night I was reading this article Life begins after retirement by The Star Online. There are 3 retirees, each with their own story. I am impressed with the first story of Mr Yap who went for his law degree after retired as a school headmaster. And now, he's an advocate and solicitor. I am impressed with the courage and determination shown by Mr Yap. 

For the second story of Mr Lee, I guess this is quite normal in our society especially now with couple getting married at older age and having children later in their life. This force retiree like Mr Lee to go back to work after retirement to supplement his family income and to support his children tertiary education. Until when all his children can support themselves, then he really retired and enjoy his life.

For the third story , a retiree who declined to be name thought of going back to workforce after retired for some time due to boredom. He said, 'it's not easy at all' to be employed again due to his age. What he meant is that the employer prefer younger candidates. I think I can understand this situation. In our country, the normal practice is - after retirement, just relax and enjoy your life.But, I believe slowly, this trend is going  to change as the living expenses increase and people find better quality of life with employment. 

Each story with its own lesson to be learned. I like Mr Yap story best!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Salary Survey By Countries

Found this interesting website, Average Salary Survey 2011/2012 where the visitors from all over the world can enter their salary information. And later can be viewed and compared with others.

Based on the website, I would like to fly to Switzerland or Australia, and work there for a couple of years and then come back to Malaysia and relax for a couples of years :) As at today (4 Apr 2012) Malaysia is ranked 71 out of 187 countries. Not bad but can be further improved. Of course we always wish for improvement, right?

Based on the website, with 1000 entries from Malaysia, the average salary is USD15300 per year, which is about MYR50K (MYR4166 per month). Hmmm... I think Malaysian who entered their salary information in this website must be from above the middle income group. Because I know most of the people I know are earning between MYR2K-MYR5K per month, of course varies between different industries, years of experience and the company they are working with. There are also those from higher managerial level with more than MYR5K, but not many. Anyway, that's just a figure and it also depends on the 1000 entries received as 4 Apr 2012.

I have friends working in Singapore & United Kingdom, and family working in Taiwan, Brunei and Australia. I think the information are quite true. A friend who works in Singapore is earning 2.5 times from what she's earning in Malaysia. For example, in Malaysia, she's paid MYR2500. In Singapore, she's paid S$2500. No wonder she's not planning to come back to Malaysia. A friend who works in Taiwan is earning about NTD80K per month. But, needless to say, the living expenses for both my friend in Singapore and Taiwan is also very high especially for their room rental or housing loan. The thing I envy them is that they have higher purchasing power and better quality of life.

Well, we look forward for a better pay scheme for everyone.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Direct Selling @ Multi Level Marketing (MLM) @ Network Marketing

Recently an acquaintance referred me to a well-known international direct sales company. The agent,  Ms M contacted me and said would like to meet up. She did not mentioned the company she's working with. I think she knows that 80% would reject to meet up if she mentioned she's from a direct sales company. But, through the phone conversation, I was quite confident she's from that particular direct sales. That is because the slogan and the term she used is similar to those mentioned by a cousin of mine. My cousin is a member of this direct sales company.

We met up. After chit chatting for about 15mins, Ms M opened her files and YES, my guess was right. She explained and shared her company profiles, why her direct sales company is the best and the right one. At the end, she asked me what do I think. I told her, at this moment, I have no confidence in direct sales company and the chances of really successful people is very tiny. Honestly, I really don't like to do Direct Selling or MLM or Network Marketing. This particular business does not suit me. Previously, I did joined several direct selling company but not for the sake of doing the selling but for using some of the products.

Ms M is quite persistent. She keep asking me why I have no interest to join despite all the benefits that she has shared with me. She shared that before she decided to do full time, she did part-time for about 2 years. And now, she had joined full time for 2 years already. When I asked her about her income, she said her income now is triple from what she had when she's working as a Manager with a local agency. That is quite impressive.

I am also persistent, I thanked her for the sharing and I told her I know the products and program she is selling are among the top quality. But, I am really not into direct selling. Some day, maybe I will contact her if I wish to buy those products or program from her. Anyway, I am happy to get to know a new friend.

How about you? Are in in Direct Selling or MLM or Network Marketing business? Or are you considering to join any of the Direct Selling or MLM or Network Marketing business? Well, there are really some very successful people from Direct Selling or MLM or Network Marketing business. I bet they had made a lot of sacrifice for that too. I do admire them for all their hardwork and sacrifice.

Tell me what you think of Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing business.

Monday, April 2, 2012

What To Do In My Golden Years?

The other day, I was talking to hubby about what will I do when I retired. I meant, yes, now I am working but one day or when I reach 55, I will stop working. So, what will I do?

I look at my parents, I think they are very lucky. At the age of more than 70 years old, both of my parents still enjoying their farming. They still have some thing to do. And they are still earning good money from their farm. Most importantly, they no need to do exercise as they are already exercising while they are at the farm. I believe these exercise are keeping them in good shapes.

So, among the things I wish to do in my golden years:

1) Own a nursery. I hope this nursery will be able to provide an income to support me during my golden years. I enjoy working with the soil as it reminds me of my childhood memories.
2) Own a stall that sell healthy food. Or maybe some typical local delicacies (like kolo mee) but in a healthy way.
3) Write a book about personal money management based on my own experience.

Hmm.. I used to  have a lot of wishes and dreams in my golden years, but now seems like I don't really dare to write it down here. Wait till I am quite confident, then will update again. Anyway, writing and updating my blog is definitely in my golden year to do list.

How about you, what's your plan in your golden years? Travelling around and enjoying life? That's definitely the wish of everyone in their golden years. But, you can't be travelling and enjoying life 365 days, right? 

Tell me what you think.

Monday, March 5, 2012

EPF@KWSP - EPF Declares 6.00 Percent Dividend Rate For 2011

On 19 Feb 2012, EPF@KWSP announced a dividend rate of 6.00% for financial year ending 2011. This 6% is the highest in the last 10 years.

Many Malaysian employee said they expected this high dividend rate from EPF@KWSP. I did not expect for this 6.00%. So, quite happy for this 6.00%. If can see higher dividend for 2012, that will be even better.

The dividend has been credited to its member account on 20 Feb 2012. For the first few days after the announcement, it was so hard to access EPF@KWSP website and its i-Akaun. But after that, it was smooth and back to normal. I guess everyone is eager to see the dividend in their account.

Let's hope for a better dividend next year!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Nightmare...

Today is the 9th Day of 2012 Dragon year. For the past 2 weeks, it has been a long nightmare for our family. My 24 years old niece is diagnosed with kidney problem and it is at a serious stage. We visited 3 specialist including Dr Clare Tan, the Consultant Nephrologist at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH). All 3 Specialist advise for kidney dialysis. The Specialist brought us to dialysis centre so we can chit-chat with the patients. We visited National Kidney Foundation (NKF) dialysis centre in Kuching as well. Specialist said, my niece can only survive with dialysis. It has been a very painful moment for everyone in the family, especially my niece and her parents. Normally, kidney failure patient needs 3 times dialysis a week, and about 4 hours for each session. Which means that about 12 hours a week. Each session will cost about RM200, have not include other fee and medicine involved. Based on the information from kidney dialysis patient at medical centre, they dialysis cost about RM4000 per month...

As at now, while waiting for the dialysis decision, my niece is taking medicine & vitamin supplement from SGH (packs and packs of them) and traditional chinese medicine (TCM) as well. She has kidney problem when she was about 4 years old. The traditional chinese medicine cure her at that moment. So, now my brother is going back to the TCM. Other than that, my brother also looking for other alternative such as medical body massage and yesterday met another TCM which has cured some kidney patients. We know it is not right to mix the medicine, but we have no choice...

I really hope and pray that my niece will no need to go through dialysis...I cannot stop from thinking of her condition... She is now in her final year at University Malaysia Terengganu. We had to stop her from finishing her final semester there...

If really need to go through dialysis, another concern is the cost involved. My niece is not covered by insurance. Unless she managed to be accepted to NKF dialysis centre, our family wont be able to cope with the huge medical expenses... even at NKF dialysis centre, the cost needed is roughly RM1K+++ (depend on condition).

If any of you had any information which can help my niece situation, please do let me know. I thank you in advance.