Monday, February 28, 2011

EPF@KWSP - EPF Declares 5.80 Percent Dividend Rate For 2010

On last Sunday, 20th Feb 2011, EPF declared dividend rate of 5.80% for year ending 31 Dec 2010. The news also mentioned that EPF paid the highest dividend ever to its members. 

It's not easy to gain access to EPF i-Akaun or EPF website on 21st Feb 2011. But, after a few attempts, I managed to log in. Happy to see the dividend has been credited :) 

For this time, thumbs up for:

1) Higher dividend rate compared to 2009;
2) Early announcement of 2010 Dividend;
3) Prompt action to credit the dividend to its members' account on 21st Feb 2011

We hope for a better dividend for 2011 :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Want My 2010 Bonus!!!

Time really flies... I would like to wish you:

1) Gong Xi Fa Chai & May You Have a Blessed and Prosperous Year of Rabbit
2) Happy Valentine's Day to You and Your Loved Ones
3) An Early Chap Goh Mei :)

Talking about bonus, I am still waiting for the news from top management. In Dec 2010, a friend shared that she received 2 months bonus for year ending 2009. She's from finance industry. She added that some of her colleagues from other high performing branches received 4 months bonus. That sound great!

In Jan 2011, callers to MY FM BreakfastShow shared their say about 2010 Bonus. I remember there're 2 callers said that they received 5 figures bonus! Some were getting 1 or 2 months bonus. A girl said she received a superbig RM10K bonus from her boss! Wow... Really envy them!

How about you?