Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Recommended Dentist In Kuching

Going to dentist is something I wish to avoid. I hate it but some how I still need them. In my whole life, I have been treated by 4 different dentist. The first 3 dentist didn't give me a good dentist visit experience. 

Recently, due to some issue with my front teeth, I went to C K Goh Dental Surgery. And after a thorough examination on my teeth condition and some advice by Dr Goh, I decided for 2 dental crown for my front teeth. He explained the whole process and the cost price in details. The whole process took 5 visits which is about 2 months. For my first 3 visits, I was very tense as I dislike the 'going to dentist experience'. But for the last 2 visits, there were much better experience and seems like the fear of going to dentist is gone. Total amount I paid for my 2 crowns is RM1445, inclusive of root canal treatment for one of my teeth. The money and time spent is really worth it. I got my front teeth back. And most importantly, now I know I have a reliable, experienced and professional dentist. My fear of dentist is also gone.

For all my visits, I do not need to wait as Dr Goh had arranged appointment for each of my visits. The dental surgery assistant will call and remind me for the appointment as well. But, during my visits, I saw some have to wait for hours because most of Dr Goh appointment is full. So, those who walk-in, will have to give priority to those who already made appointment earlier. If you wish to visit C K Goh Dental Surgery, do call them first to arrange for an appointment.