Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is It The Time To Top-Up Your Investment?

Based on my observation, recent unit trust price had dropped quite a lot. I am not sure what will happen in 1 week, 1 month or 6 months time. Maybe the price will drop further or maybe the price will pick up. No one knows.

Since I have some additional cash, so I took this opportunity to top-up some of my unit trust funds. But, I wont throw all my investment at one time. Some portion at a time. In case the price drop further, I still have extra cash for investment. In case the price pick up, I can save my extra cash for other purposes. And my top-ups are only for my long term investment fund.

What are the actions you've taken and what is your planning?


  1. It might be a little bit late for me to post a comment here, but I totally agree it was a great time to top up the investment. Since I'm more incline to Unit Trust, I made some adjustment to my portfolio at this. Glad I had did that and it has some good return as per today (10-Nov-2011)

  2. Hi laikos, great that you've done your top-up :) Thanks for your sharing too.

  3. Hi Yan, I have recently added physical gold & silver as part of my long term investment portfolio. Did some adjustment to my long term plan and added commodities as part of my investment mix...