Saturday, June 18, 2011

Malaysian IPTA/IPTS Student - 10 Ways To Earn Extra Money

I believe most of us who had attended university life wish that we can have some extra money other than the money from our study loan or the 'Father & Mother loan'. Maybe some of them are lucky to have rich parents to support all their needs and even can give them unlimited credit cards to spend on. Most of us are not that lucky.

Here I suggested 10 ways to earn extra money for IPTA @ IPTS students in Malaysia:

1) Work part-time at fast food restaurant, convenient store, boutiques...
Many students are practicing this at the moment. Usually, they get paid based on hourly rate. Try to ask for a more flexible working hours so that you can replace those hours where you have classes.

2) Giving one-to-one tuition to primary or secondary students
Some parents are willing to spend on one-to-one tuition for their children. One-to-one tuition is more comprehensive. Student and tutor will also be able to concentrate better. Most importantly, the time is more flexible compare to huge tuition classes. Tuition rate are varies. It also depends on both party. If you are lucky and you help your student to get significant good result, you might receive higher pay and will be hunted by other parents.

3) Take part in university research program
In higher lever of learning, there will be a lot of research program going on. For research, normally they will need temporarily staff to help to complete the research program. Other than getting the pay, students will also learn new things which might be useful for their future.

4) Write article and sell it 
If you have the writing skills, you can consider to sell your articles to local publisher or to the internet. If you have great interest in certain topics (for example beauty & grooming, relationship, teaching, gardening, cooking, current technology), someone out there might be willing to buy your article.

5) Get a job during semester break
My niece always practise this. She'll work full-time during her semester break at a local mall. I think she gained the trust from the employer. She told me she might do her industrial training at the local mall.

6) Selling your art skills 
If you are a good artist, you can consider to sell your artworks. If you have talent in song writing, perhaps can write lyrics or music. If your song become a hit records, you will have a good return. Or, you can teach music classes (piano, guitar, violin).

7) Selling your photography skills
I know a student who work part-time to take wedding photo. For your information, the cost of a professional wedding photographer is quite expensive. And most importantly, sometimes the photographer has been booked months or years ahead before the wedding. If you know any of your friend or relatives are getting married, try to offer your photography skills. Of course, you have to ensure you have the photography skills to impressed. If you have not, but you're interested, you can consider working part-time at local bridal centre to acquire the related photography skills.

8) Internet Marketing & Blogging
From my reading, some students really make a lot of money from Internet Marketing and blogging. Some even become millionaire before they even graduated from university. I wish can write more but I myself still learning on Internet Marketing. If you have access to internet, you'll find tonnes and tonnes on making money from Internet Marketing.

9) Become part-time MC or DJ
If you have the right voice quality, quality and have got the interest, you can consider as parat-time MC or DJ. 

10) Take part in Network Marketing Business
I know a friend who involved in direct selling product when I was at university. I think she earns quite a lot from selling the direct selling products. I can tell, she also have a busy schedule. The sister of my coursemate was an insurance agent while she still study in university. She really improved a lot after she joined the insurance agency. I believe she not only has the money now, but also a wide network connection.

My advice, there is no easy way to earn extra money (well, at least until now I have not found any easy way). One has to sacrifice her time and put a lot of effort to earn extra money. Just ensure that you are not doing anything illegal to get extra money.  It's not that difficult to earn money from the illegal way, but the scary part is the after-effect. It's not worth it. And most importantly, do not neglect your study while you work part-time.

All the best!


  1. Hi Yan, thnx 4 posting this. It's very helpful! But I'd like to know more on tip number 4 and number 9. Both are of my interest. Speaking of which, when you mentioned 'selling' our articles, did you mean like to magazines and newspapers? oh & about becoming an and MC or DJ... do you mean like on the radio? How would one "apply", if thats the term for such a job? By the way, GREAT ARTICLE !

  2. I remembered I was selling bloods and testing drugs ... the quickiest money I have ever earned :)

  3. Hi Michael, where was that? Available in M'sia?

  4. It is quite common for M'sian students studying overseas to work part-time or have biz to earn extra pocket money.It's good for locals to do the same. The experience is priceless.

  5. Hi Lively Jason, agree with you. i can see the locals are going into that same pattern (work part-time and business for extra cash). Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Thanks Yan for the tips.

    I'm currently studying in a private uni and the cost of living is super high, for a student, even though im funded by the uni's scholarship la :(

    For me, i dun have time to work part time la cuz im super with assgns/ clubs n societies stuff. n extra activities means extra time= more travelling to do. :(

    So what i did was joined ZALORA's brand ambassador brand. Personally im a fashion lover and i love shopping so im super excited when they come up with this program (nyek). Basically, you get instant cash back when you invite a new customer la. 50% $$$ of the first purchase and 10% for the subsequent purchase (by the new customer) is yours. Its really cool. Up till now i earned arnd RM250 la, quite alot for a lzay pig like me XD If you're hardworking.. i guess u cn earn up to 1000 bucks.

    So yeah, here's the link to the program

    hope this helps :D

    1. hello there.. sorry for late reply... that's great to know.. I know Zalora... seems like a great way of 'networking' with additional $$$.. thanks for the sharing :)

  7. Hello,may I ask you? Did we should buy zalora brand and then sell out or somehow?

    1. Hello Nur Syahiidah, sorry that i dont really understand your question..