Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time for Gold and Silver...

Last month, I bought a pair of gold earrings for my mum's birthday. The price was RM155 per gram. That's the highest price I had paid for gold! I won't be surprise if the price will reach RM200 per gram soon. When I asked the shop owner of the silver price, she said silver price has increased more than 50%. The same silver necklace which cost RM40 will cost about RM65 now!

Today's The Star Online did some sharing on gold investment. For those of you who have interest in gold investment, you might want to read it up. Few years back, I read from a financial planner that gold investment will not give high return, but from my own experience, it does give high return.

What's your view? 


  1. I personally have invested in Gold Before. I bought like a few years back at the price of RM 100 per gram and sold around RM 115 per gram.

    Gold investment is quite solid. Seems like the old saying is that, gold price always up and up so far seems true to me. It has not stop going up since i sold all my gold at RM 115!

    Gold will fly much higher if the economy is bad. At good times gold will just linger there only.

    Just my 2 cents! ^^

  2. Hi Kampunginvestor, thanks for your comment :) There are a lot of forecast that gold will soar to a much higher level soon...

  3. It will soar as gold prices never drop one. How much it will soar nobody knows. Anyway is the price of GOLD really soar, it does not mean a good thing too...

  4. Hi, just bumped into your blog while surfing. Nice blog, with lots of basic and important info. Wish my girlfriend was as well informed as you though.
    I just wanna comment a little regarding the gold and silver subject, it should not be speculated and forecasted, it will soar, it always soars, as currency is wobbly, and money is no longer 100% backed by gold so bills fluctuate. I just got a job, my life was really zero before today, so I would invest in gold and silver, because these are really getting rare in the world today. Another thing I noticed and did some minor research is Water. Water maybe the this generations investment as water consumption is skyrocketing with prices sold even at mamak cheapest 20cents xD Water would be a good investment, but I have yet to figure out where to share some researches please....cheers!

  5. Hi Ian, thank you for dropping by and your 'wish' made my day lol.. :) So far, gold is really an investment with high return for me. But, I always like to spread my investment. Hmm.. water investment? something new for me. but, how to invest? let's do some research and share it :)

    Great that you've got a job. Spend some, and save some :) Enjoy and all the best!