Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Recommended Dentist In Kuching

Going to dentist is something I wish to avoid. I hate it but some how I still need them. In my whole life, I have been treated by 4 different dentist. The first 3 dentist didn't give me a good dentist visit experience. 

Recently, due to some issue with my front teeth, I went to C K Goh Dental Surgery. And after a thorough examination on my teeth condition and some advice by Dr Goh, I decided for 2 dental crown for my front teeth. He explained the whole process and the cost price in details. The whole process took 5 visits which is about 2 months. For my first 3 visits, I was very tense as I dislike the 'going to dentist experience'. But for the last 2 visits, there were much better experience and seems like the fear of going to dentist is gone. Total amount I paid for my 2 crowns is RM1445, inclusive of root canal treatment for one of my teeth. The money and time spent is really worth it. I got my front teeth back. And most importantly, now I know I have a reliable, experienced and professional dentist. My fear of dentist is also gone.

For all my visits, I do not need to wait as Dr Goh had arranged appointment for each of my visits. The dental surgery assistant will call and remind me for the appointment as well. But, during my visits, I saw some have to wait for hours because most of Dr Goh appointment is full. So, those who walk-in, will have to give priority to those who already made appointment earlier. If you wish to visit C K Goh Dental Surgery, do call them first to arrange for an appointment.

Monday, October 17, 2011

11 Employment Benefits That Give You Extra Cash and Save You Money

Being employed does not only meant you are getting income, but it gives your more cash and save you money too. Based on my experience and my readings, here are 11 employment benefits that can help you to either give you extra cash or save your money:

1) Employee Pension Fund (EFP) Contributions
Malaysian employer are required to contribute 12% of the monthly salary to each of their employees' EPF accounts. Employees are contributing 11% from their monthly salary. Some companies are kind enough to offer higher contribution for their employees. In long run, 12% of monthly salary can turn out to be quite a huge amount of money. 

2) Social Security Organization (Socso) Coverage
Malaysian employer also required to contribute to Sosco for each of their employee. Socso operates as a social insurance scheme provided by the Malaysia government to provide aid in financial guarantees and protection to employees and their families in the event of accidents resulting in disablement, death, or affliction with occupational diseases. The contribution is accordance to the salary range of the employer. One thing for sure, Socso is reducing the employee's burden in term of accident, disablement and treating occupational diseases.

3) Medical Benefit
Most companies do provide medical benefits for their staff. The benefit can be either through staff monthly claim by submitting official medical receipt or through panel doctors appointed by the employers for their staff. Most of the time, the medical benefit also cover the medical expenses for spouse and children as well.

4) Dental and Optical Benefit
Dental and optical care can turn out to be quite expensive for an employee. When these are subsidized by company, employee can save hundreds in a year. Of course, there will be a certain limit of claim for each year. Some employer extend the dental and optical benefit to their employee's dependent.

5) Group Insurance Coverage
For those corporate giant where they have hundreds or thousands of employees, usually they provide group insurance coverage to their employees. Insurance coverage includes life insurance, personal accident and medical card. The most saving part would be medical card because medical care in private hospital can be very expensive. Most insurance coverage also cover for employee's spouse and children.

6) Health Screening Package
It is important for employees to have health screening package, especially for those after middle age. General health screening package could start from hundreds to thousands of ringgit. By providing subsidized health screening package, this will greatly reduce the financial burden of an employee. Usually employer will set a limit of health screening package for each of their employee. 

7) Hire Purchase Benefit
Some large corporate especially financial institution usually offer lower hire purchase benefits for their employees, provided the hire purchase is from the employer itself. This could save quite a substantial amount of money. Win-win situation for both employer and employee.

8) Performance Bonus
Towards the end of a financial year, bonus is what most employee looking for. Bonus means additional cash. And some generous employers are giving away a few month bonuses.

9) Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS)
Most public listed company offers ESOS to its employee. In a way, ESOS gives employees a feeling to own a portion of the company so that the employees will work harder. In return, when the share price increase, the   employee can opt to exercise the ESOS and gain money from the transaction.

10) Long Service Awards
It is common to have Long Service Awards for employees who work 5 years, 10 years and for the next subsequent 5 years. Usually there will be cash incentive and special gift for Long Service Awards.

11) Maternity benefits
Some employers are kind enough to support parents with maternity benefit such as paying for labour charges. Other than that, some also give maternity gift for mother and new born gift for baby.

Other than the above mentioned employee benefits, I believe there are other benefits too. Do feel free to add in and share with me. For those who are enjoying the above benefits, they should feel thankful for it. For those who has not enjoying the benefits, can always suggest to your employer in your coming year end appraisal.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is It The Time To Top-Up Your Investment?

Based on my observation, recent unit trust price had dropped quite a lot. I am not sure what will happen in 1 week, 1 month or 6 months time. Maybe the price will drop further or maybe the price will pick up. No one knows.

Since I have some additional cash, so I took this opportunity to top-up some of my unit trust funds. But, I wont throw all my investment at one time. Some portion at a time. In case the price drop further, I still have extra cash for investment. In case the price pick up, I can save my extra cash for other purposes. And my top-ups are only for my long term investment fund.

What are the actions you've taken and what is your planning?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What To Do With Your Coins?

Due to the recent news about The Third Series of Malaysian Coins, my parents handed a huge bag of coins to my brother, asking my brother to exchange with cash! Because they worried the existing coins might not be acceptable after the new third series Malaysian coins which will be available in circulation early next year. A huge bag of coins come out to be a few hundred ringgits! 

Do you also have a lot of coins accumulated for years? Perhaps it's time to take them out and so something about it. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Bank-in the coins
I thought I can just walk in to the bank and exchange my coins with bank notes. But, it's not that easy. I need to have a saving account with the bank. I will need to leave the coins with the bank officer. They will calculate it when they are free and bank-in to my bank account. Some bank officer will call to inform the amount before bank-in, but some didn't. For my case, they took 3 working days before bank-in to my bank account. And the officer didn't call me. I am not so sure how much actually the coins as I didn't calculate it before handed over to the officer. Well, just have to trust them.

2) Exchange with business operator
They are quite a number of business operator who will need coins - supermarkets, grocery shops, school canteen operator... in short, any business who has a payment counter will need these coins. Just make sure you calculate the coins before send to them.

3) As a gift for your kids
I am sure your kids will be super happy if you top-up their piggy bank with your coins.

4) Bring them along when you do your shopping
You will make the life of the cashier easier if you give them coins every time you go shopping. I meant if your shopping is RM40.95, the cashier will be happy if you  handed her RM50.95. This makes her job easier. Keep coins in a small purse so that you can practice more often.

Hmmm.. other that the above, any more suggestions? Feel free to add on...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gold Prices Soar!

A check on Public Bank Gold Investment Account price today shows the highest record (based on my observation since the past 3 years):

Local news and international news also reporting on record-high gold prices due to Standard & Poor's (S&P) downgrade on US credit ratings.

It is time to purchase more gold? I wish too. But the current price is too high. Or is it time to sell off for some extra cash? For me, not yet. How about you? Are you planning to exchange your gold for cash at this moment?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Malaysian IPTA/IPTS Student - 10 Ways To Earn Extra Money

I believe most of us who had attended university life wish that we can have some extra money other than the money from our study loan or the 'Father & Mother loan'. Maybe some of them are lucky to have rich parents to support all their needs and even can give them unlimited credit cards to spend on. Most of us are not that lucky.

Here I suggested 10 ways to earn extra money for IPTA @ IPTS students in Malaysia:

1) Work part-time at fast food restaurant, convenient store, boutiques...
Many students are practicing this at the moment. Usually, they get paid based on hourly rate. Try to ask for a more flexible working hours so that you can replace those hours where you have classes.

2) Giving one-to-one tuition to primary or secondary students
Some parents are willing to spend on one-to-one tuition for their children. One-to-one tuition is more comprehensive. Student and tutor will also be able to concentrate better. Most importantly, the time is more flexible compare to huge tuition classes. Tuition rate are varies. It also depends on both party. If you are lucky and you help your student to get significant good result, you might receive higher pay and will be hunted by other parents.

3) Take part in university research program
In higher lever of learning, there will be a lot of research program going on. For research, normally they will need temporarily staff to help to complete the research program. Other than getting the pay, students will also learn new things which might be useful for their future.

4) Write article and sell it 
If you have the writing skills, you can consider to sell your articles to local publisher or to the internet. If you have great interest in certain topics (for example beauty & grooming, relationship, teaching, gardening, cooking, current technology), someone out there might be willing to buy your article.

5) Get a job during semester break
My niece always practise this. She'll work full-time during her semester break at a local mall. I think she gained the trust from the employer. She told me she might do her industrial training at the local mall.

6) Selling your art skills 
If you are a good artist, you can consider to sell your artworks. If you have talent in song writing, perhaps can write lyrics or music. If your song become a hit records, you will have a good return. Or, you can teach music classes (piano, guitar, violin).

7) Selling your photography skills
I know a student who work part-time to take wedding photo. For your information, the cost of a professional wedding photographer is quite expensive. And most importantly, sometimes the photographer has been booked months or years ahead before the wedding. If you know any of your friend or relatives are getting married, try to offer your photography skills. Of course, you have to ensure you have the photography skills to impressed. If you have not, but you're interested, you can consider working part-time at local bridal centre to acquire the related photography skills.

8) Internet Marketing & Blogging
From my reading, some students really make a lot of money from Internet Marketing and blogging. Some even become millionaire before they even graduated from university. I wish can write more but I myself still learning on Internet Marketing. If you have access to internet, you'll find tonnes and tonnes on making money from Internet Marketing.

9) Become part-time MC or DJ
If you have the right voice quality, quality and have got the interest, you can consider as parat-time MC or DJ. 

10) Take part in Network Marketing Business
I know a friend who involved in direct selling product when I was at university. I think she earns quite a lot from selling the direct selling products. I can tell, she also have a busy schedule. The sister of my coursemate was an insurance agent while she still study in university. She really improved a lot after she joined the insurance agency. I believe she not only has the money now, but also a wide network connection.

My advice, there is no easy way to earn extra money (well, at least until now I have not found any easy way). One has to sacrifice her time and put a lot of effort to earn extra money. Just ensure that you are not doing anything illegal to get extra money.  It's not that difficult to earn money from the illegal way, but the scary part is the after-effect. It's not worth it. And most importantly, do not neglect your study while you work part-time.

All the best!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Change Vehicle Ownership in Kuching, Sarawak

I am so happy. After 7 years, I settled my car loan with CIMB bank :)

A few days before the due date of my car loan, I called the CIMB Auto Finance Centre in Kuching to enquire about the amount of my last settlement and to enquire about the change of ownership of my car. At the same time, I am also renewing my road tax and car insurance.

After I done my last settlement, renewed my road tax and car insurance, the officer told me to come back the next day to collect my green card and Settlement / Release Letter. So, the next day I went to collect my green card and Settlement / Release Letter. The bank officer reminded me to bring along my green card and Settlement / Release Letter and go to JPJ to change the ownership to my name. He said I can go any time but better not to delay for too long. As many people forgot to change the ownership and problem might arise if  they want to sell their car.

So, after a few days, I went to JPJ. I brought along my green card and Settlement / Release Letter from CIMB Bank. JPJ in Kuching is located at 14th Mile, Kuching-Serian Road and the transfer of ownership is at JPJ Block B. Luckily hubby reminded me to go straight to Block B. Else, I might be wasting some time to ask around. The whole process, from waiting time to getting the chop from JPJ only took about 15 mins. Hubby said they just need to confirm from JPJ online system that the settlement is done, then they just put a chop 'DIBATALKAN' where previously was 'Hakmilik Dituntut oleh: Bumiputra Commerce Fin. Bhd...' The officer also sign and stamp her name and position, and with a date at the back of the green card. That's it. Done and the car is fully mine :)

By the way, there is no charges involved. It's FOC.

Additional note: If you are paying runner to do the change of ownership for you, you will be charged between RM8-RM10 as service fee.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Car Loan - Shorter or Longer Tenure/With Down Payment or Full Loan?

The other day hubby and me were talking about car loan tenure - whether shorter tenure or longer tenure will be more beneficial. For a wage earner like me, I prefer to make larger down payment with shorter tenure. Which means that I will save a certain amount of money first before purchase a car and will try to settle the loan repayment within the shortest tenure possible. Of course, I must be comfortable with the monthly repayment. My main aim is to own the car as soon as possible and at the same time to reduce the loan interest. The shorter the loan tenure, the less interest I have to pay.

Hubby totally have a different point of view. He prefer to take full loan and to have the longest tenure available. His reasons as below:
1) The car value will depreciate. So, he said there's no point to rush to settle for something which the value will depreciate. The car is just another daily necessity, not an appreciating asset. So, he tries to minimize monthly repayment value by taking the longest tenure available. Longer tenure means smaller monthly repayment and small monthly repayment means he'll have additional cash for other matter (his business).

2) Full loan because he no need to fork out his money for down payment. He can use the money which supposed to be used as down payment as his business cash flow. This will increase his business profit (use money to make more money).

What is your view?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Top 3 Money Making Industry

A friend shared with me that her boss told her 3 of the top money making industry as below (with some of mypersonal comment):

1) Oil & Gas Industry
It's true. There are only limited oil and gas reserved on this Earth. The lucky countries with those reserved oil and gas will take control of the price. Furthermore, with more people on the Earth with more cars and other type of vehicles, there will be an increase of oil and gas consumption. It is a need for one to commute from one place to another. Even the price increase, people still need it. There is no doubt, oil and gas is one of the most money making industries.

2) Tobacco Industry
It's true as well. Eventhough we no longer see amazing and expensive high quality tobacco or cigarette advertisement on the tv (was banned from Malaysia tv few years back), the tobacco company still see good sales volume. Even with the health warning printed on the cigarette boxes, the sales is still impressive. More, even the price has doubled or trippled from the past 10 years, we still see smokers buying their favourite brands. Another story which proved tobacco industry is one of the top money making industry is that a friend who works in an international tobacco firm received 6 months bonus!

3) Telecommunication Industry
Again, this is true. Because mobile telco are making money from the 'air'. Fixed line telco are having higher investment, but usually will get back their investment from the monthly rental fee which subscriber has to pay as long as they still need the service. In recent year, even a kindergarten kid is also holding a mobile phone. Imagine how many people on this Earth. Even if one person only spend RM1 on their mobile phone, the final figure would be really huge. How about the Internet technology? Most people, especially the younger generation would somehow need to connect to the Internet. Broadband market has been growing rapidly and this will continue.

Personally, I believe there are others high money making industry as well especially those illegal type of industry. But, that's out of my sharing here. Other legal high money making industry include investment and banking industry, health and pharmaceuticals industry, entertainment industry, and Internet marketing industry.

Do you have any comments? Any other industry which you think belong to the top money making industry?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time for Gold and Silver...

Last month, I bought a pair of gold earrings for my mum's birthday. The price was RM155 per gram. That's the highest price I had paid for gold! I won't be surprise if the price will reach RM200 per gram soon. When I asked the shop owner of the silver price, she said silver price has increased more than 50%. The same silver necklace which cost RM40 will cost about RM65 now!

Today's The Star Online did some sharing on gold investment. For those of you who have interest in gold investment, you might want to read it up. Few years back, I read from a financial planner that gold investment will not give high return, but from my own experience, it does give high return.

What's your view? 

Monday, February 28, 2011

EPF@KWSP - EPF Declares 5.80 Percent Dividend Rate For 2010

On last Sunday, 20th Feb 2011, EPF declared dividend rate of 5.80% for year ending 31 Dec 2010. The news also mentioned that EPF paid the highest dividend ever to its members. 

It's not easy to gain access to EPF i-Akaun or EPF website on 21st Feb 2011. But, after a few attempts, I managed to log in. Happy to see the dividend has been credited :) 

For this time, thumbs up for:

1) Higher dividend rate compared to 2009;
2) Early announcement of 2010 Dividend;
3) Prompt action to credit the dividend to its members' account on 21st Feb 2011

We hope for a better dividend for 2011 :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Want My 2010 Bonus!!!

Time really flies... I would like to wish you:

1) Gong Xi Fa Chai & May You Have a Blessed and Prosperous Year of Rabbit
2) Happy Valentine's Day to You and Your Loved Ones
3) An Early Chap Goh Mei :)

Talking about bonus, I am still waiting for the news from top management. In Dec 2010, a friend shared that she received 2 months bonus for year ending 2009. She's from finance industry. She added that some of her colleagues from other high performing branches received 4 months bonus. That sound great!

In Jan 2011, callers to MY FM BreakfastShow shared their say about 2010 Bonus. I remember there're 2 callers said that they received 5 figures bonus! Some were getting 1 or 2 months bonus. A girl said she received a superbig RM10K bonus from her boss! Wow... Really envy them!

How about you?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Savings from My Ten Working Years

By Dec 2010, I have been working for 10 years. I did some rough calculations. From the total income of the 10 working years, I have with me about 75% of the total income. I have spent away the other 25%. Throughout the 10 years, for the first 5 years, I didn’t manage to save much. Most of the 75% come from the last 5 year (2006-2010). I would say, I can do better if I know how to manage my finance well from my first pay cheque.

Ten years is not a short period of time, but it can pass very fast. Looking ahead, with God blessing, I still have about 20 more golden years to build my wealth. I wish to generate more for the next 5 years. I wish the return from my investment can cover the shortage in my first 5 working years. 

How about you? Perhaps can do some simple calculations and share with me your result.

And I am wishing everyone a wonderful, prosperous and blessed new year ahead. Happy New Year 2011!