Thursday, October 28, 2010

RoadMap To Financial Freedom - By Yap Ming Hui

Earlier this week, I was reading an article @ Q&A session by Yap Ming Hui, a local Financial Coach and Advisor. So, would like to share the article with you all. It is very true when he said 'Most people spend 90% of the time making money and only 10% of time managing money, when it should be 50/50'. I think I am 80/20. I hope to be able to spend more time learning on how to manage my money.

You can access the article here.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Personal Experience As A Mystery Shopper

Last year I registered myself in a local mystery shopping agency. Upon registration, I received quite a number of mystery shopping opportunities. But only in Aug 2010, I decided to to take up 3 mystery shopping assignments. Why, is because I only take up those assignments that's related to me. 

The assignments are not tough but need to do some work and need to have a very details observation skills. Upon confirmation of the assignments, the agency assigned a specific date where I need to do my mystery shopping. My task include to visit a specific place and made a call to that same specific place and followed by answering a set of online questionnaires. Before proceed with the mystery visit, the agency provided me with a log-in details to their online assignment database where I can view all the details and task for each of my assignment. Upon log-in,  I read through all the details (In fact, I read at least twice for each assignment :p) and printed out the questionnaires. The questionnaires are quite long, about 6 pages. But, not to worry as most of the answers are closed ended questions which means that you can select your answer from the options given. Only about 20% of the questionnaires need further elaborations and sometimes some descriptions. Upon completion of the mystery call and mystery visit and the questionnaires, I had to submit the questionnaires within 24 hours, together with proof of visits (a recording of conversation, name card of the person who attend to me at the specific place).

My first assignment was not so successful as I was inexperience and I feel like the place where I visit have a feeling that I am a mystery shopper which made me feel uncomfortable. My second and third assignment were quite OK and things run smooth. I also feel more confident.

My task did not finished at the point where I submitted the online questionnaires. The mystery shopping agency still contact me for some verifications of the questionnaires details. Some of the questionnaires are quite details, for example, whether the person who's attending to you is wearing spectacles or not, body size, age group and his/her race. I had quite a hard time to recall the particular for my first assignment.

The mystery shopping agency paid me the promised payment somewhere a month later. I would say, the pay is quite good, range between RM40-RM45 per assignment. Some extra cash, why not? Any of you with mystery shopping experience? Feel free to share your story :)