Tuesday, June 8, 2010

$Money$ - Is IT The Main Reason Why You Are Working?

We all have a job. It can be an engineer, a doctor, a professor, an accountant, a housewife, a baby sitter or a full time blogger. What do we get from a job? Definitely the measureable part is we get some money for our work done. But, is money the main reason why you are working?

For me, yes, money is one of the many reasons why am I working. I am working so that I will get my paycheque at the end of the month. From my paycheque, there are a lot that I can do. I can support myself and my family in many ways. I can ensure all of our basic needs are met. I can also reward myself with a relaxing facial session or have a long holiday trip in Japan. And of course, I can invest part of it for my future and my retirement planning. Not forgetting, I save part of it for rainy days as well. As, at this moment, we hardly survive without money. Not until, the barter trade system is back…

But, other than for money, other reasons why I am working including for personal fulfillment. Which means that I work so that I can gain more knowledge and expand my social circle. Working also makes me feels like there is a value in me and it feels great when my contributions can help for the growth of the organization. It is also a great way for me to further understand myself and my surroundings.

How about you? Is money the main factor that keep you do what you are doing?

P/S: Now, I work for money. Soon, I hope money will work for me :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NO Waiver for RM50 Credit Card Service Tax

Yesterday I received my latest PB credit card statement. There was a charge of RM50 for credit card service tax. Thinking not so willing to pay for the RM50 service tax, I contacted the bank trying to request for waiver for my credit card service tax. Since I failed to contact them through their customer care line, I email to them instead. The reply was very prompt. Today, the customer service replied me to inform that there will be no waiver for the RM50 credit card service tax.

So, no choice. I still need to pay for the RM50 service tax. Luckily my Cash MegaBonus is enough to cover for the RM50. Thinking positively, this is a good starting effort to prevent us to carry too many credit cards. Imagine, if I have 5 cards, annually, I will need to set aside RM250 just for the credit card service tax.

I am wondering how about other banks. Do they charge you for the RM50 service tax or do they waive for you (when you request for waiver)?