Saturday, February 27, 2010

Will You Take Part In Gold Investment Which Promise High Return Within Short Period Of Time?

Recently, a friend introduced me to a gold investment scheme where I can purchased the gold coin @ gold bar and I will get a certificate and at the same time, monthly interest will be deposited to my saving account (as long as I still keep the gold). Yes, on monthly basis. And the interest rate is much much higher if compare to the current bank interest rates.
She had been approaching me a few times. Everytime, she will bring along her gold investment certificates and also those of her clients to show me how much she is earning by just taking part in the gold investment scheme. The deal sounds to be too good. So, I do not take part in this gold investment scheme. More, the minimum purchase is 50g. If the gold price is RM130/g, so 50g will cost me RM6500. May be to some of us, RM6500 is a small amount. But for me, at this moment, RM6500 is still a huge amount.
I just had some feeling not to trust this quick money scheme. Do you invest in such scheme? You are free to share your opinions.