Sunday, December 19, 2010

Job Cuts & Backup Plan

Few months back, I heard that a huge organization is doing job cuts! Within a short period of time, most of the support staffs, especially those from branch offices were affected. They are either been offered with Mutual Separation Scheme (MSS) or been transfered to other departments or relocate to another different office which is at a different state. Either way, it is a scary experience and a very cruel moment to all employees. Even those employees who are not affected also having a hard time because job cuts meant that the workload is still the same, but the number of heads and hands doing the task is greatly reduced. It is a hard time for all employees because management still expecting things to run smooth with limited human resource.

So, if you are currently employed and everythings seems working fine, it is still better for you to get ready your backup plan. Because you'll never know what's next in the top management or share holder meeting. Employee wages hold the highest percentage in an organization cash flow. For cost cutting exercise, most organization would have to sacrifice some of their employees, especially support staff. 

We have to plan and help ourselves! Have some backup plans now!


  1. I'll say maybe 99% never think about it until the problem at their doorstep.

  2. Hi Ariza, Yes... people are too busy and occupied with their everyday routine/life...