Saturday, August 14, 2010

Money Fight in Family

If you watch Hong Kong or Singapore or Malaysia Chinese drama, money fight is one of the main theme of the drama. In fact, money fight is one of the popular topics when I overheard some aunties' or uncles' conversation at hair saloon or kopitiam. Well, mostly are juicy gossips on others families' internal fighting over the parent's money and inheritance.

I have seen siblings hurt each other physically and emotionally over their parent's inheritance. They quarrel, curse and almost use the 'parang' to slash their brother. It's too sensitive and it's never a fair deal when come to wealth inheritance. In cases where the siblings bring their own lawyer, thing become worse. The fighting become longer, more expensive and more intense, leaving unhealed wound and causing families separated. Unfortunately, in most cases, no one wins. The lawyers are the ones who profit from the family fights.

It is sad to see wealth accumulated by hardworking parents ruins by their own children. Wealth which supposed to enhance their children life making them blind and fighting among themselves. Is it worth it? No! Not at all. Let us ponder on this and guide ourselves and our young generations to be wiser when handling inheritance. Let us teach them the value of family relationship which cannot be bought with any amount of wealth.

P/S: To the Chinese, I apologise for using us (the Chinese) as the example above. It's just that I feel family fighting over money is stronger in the Chinese family. But, I do believe it happened everywhere and to anyone...