Saturday, July 10, 2010

LHDN@IRB - Overpaid Tax Refund

I submitted my 2009 income tax in April 2010 through e-Filing. The process was very fast and convenient. For my 2009 tax return, I have an overpaid. My employer deduct the tax on monthly basis from my payroll. Well, not a big amount but it is my money and I want it to be returned to me.

I read from local news that LHDN@IRB will return the overpaid tax within a month from the date of submission especially for those who submitted through e-Filing. Towards June 2010, I have not received any news on my tax refund yet. So, I sent an email to LHDN@IRB to enquire on the status of my refund. Within 2 days, I received a reply mentioning that my tax refund request had been sent for processing at the local tax office, LHDN@IRB Kuching. Within 2 weeks from the date of my email, I received the cheque from LHDN@IRB.

Even though I didn't not received the refund within one month from my income tax submission but I am quite satisfied with their prompt reply on my request. Quite an impressive improvement. Hope that for 2010 tax return, tax payers will receive their tax refund within one month time, as mentioned by LHDN@IRB.