Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Bonus, No Increment & No Promotion

Recently, our management team (HQ) announced that there will be NO bonus, increment or promotions for financial year ending 2009, until further notice. The main reason is our company's direction for this financial year is profit making. The other meaning is company currently don't have enough money for bonus, increment and promotions. From the way the company spent money for the past 2 years, no wonder there is not enough money for bonus, increment and promotions.
I am disappointed. I am not happy with the way they spent the money for the past 2 years. Maybe because the previous company that I work with is very concern on cost savings and very cautious on spending the money. But, when come to bonus, increment and promotions, my previous company is quite generous (even though I hope they can be more generous).
I can see other colleagues also demotivated to work. Last year was a year where me and other colleagues at our branch working really hard to hit the given target. At the end of last year, we managed to hit the target which we thought was impossible to hit. That's why we all are very disappointed and demotivated when we knew that there will be no bonus, increment and promotions for 2009.
It's not fair. At our branch level, we practised cost savings and try our very best to control the expenses. Furthermore, we hit the impossible target. But, there's no bonus, increment or promotions for us.
I am wondering how about the rest of organizations in Malaysia. Do you receive any bonus, increment or promotions? Mind to share with me?