Monday, January 4, 2010

Terms and Conditions for Public Bank Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

Time really flies. It has been more than 2 weeks since my last post and it is a new decade now. With this opportunity, I wish everyone a very happy and fruitful 2010. May all our wishes and dream come true in 2010.

Recently I emailed to Public Bank Card Services to request for my Master card annual fee waiver. Within 2 days, I received a reply from the Card Services centre mentioning that they had submitted my request for considerations. After about a month later, I received an official reply from PB Card Services on my request. I am glad that PB Card Services had waived the annual fee for both of my cards. The reason for the waiver is because my cards meet their minimum card retail usage.

If you wish to know more details on the waiver details, I listed down as below:

For principal card
(Retail usager per annum) : (Annual Fee)
RM1-RM1500 : 0% @ RM75
RM1501-RM3000 : 25% @ RM56.25
RM3001-RM4500 : 50% @ RM37.50
RM4501-RM6001 : 75% @ RM18.75
RM6001 & Above : 100% @ RM0

For supplementary card
(Retail usager per annum) : (Annual Fee)
RM1-RM750 : 0% @ RM45
RM751-RM1500: 25% @ RM33.75
RM1501-RM2250: 50% @ RM22.50
RM2251-RM3000: 75% @ RM11.25
RM3001 & Above: 100% @ RM0

If you wish to have 100% waiver for your credit card annual fee, spend at least RM6001 per annum if you are the principal card holder and RM3001 if you are a supplementary card holder. But, I think there is no harm to try to request for the waiver. If you are lucky, you might get 100% even if your retail purchase is less than RM6000 per annum. They know, it is a competitive market out there!

If you have credit card waiver terms and conditions from other banks, do share with me.


  1. Use Direct Acess, CIMB, there is so such thing as Annual Fee ...

    Free for life :-)

  2. I don't think will spend that much on my Public Bank Credit Card. Dang.. I guess i just won't get a free waiver on that stupid RM 50 tax!!! -_- * Furious!!!

  3. hi Alan, thanks for the sharing.. perhaps have to consider to change to Direct Access or CIMB :)

    Kampunginvestor, I concentrate on 1 of my PB cards, thus can hit RM6K... as I said, you can always try to request for the free waiver. most probably they will approve the waiver request because they want to maintain their customers. Yes, everyone is not happy with the RM50 charges.

  4. I have 3 cards. I really wanted to concentrate on just one but the problem is that all 3 cards has it different functions.

    Really dilemma man.. -_-

  5. Kampunginvestor, i believe you know which card serve you the best :)

  6. i have never paid for annual fee. i usually ask for waiver, no matter which bank, and ithas always been approved. recently i cancelled my HL CC, due to not wanting to pay rm50 service tax. Guess what? The bank calle dup, offered me another 7000 reward points, and automatically waive the service tax.

  7. Hi Anonymous, thanks for the sharing. I thought the RM50 service tax is a 'must pay'... 7000 rewards points is a lot :)