Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Real Cost Of An Indonesian Maid In Kuching

My mother-in-law had a serious stroke 6 years ago. It's a miracle that she survived the most difficult moment for her. She took about 2 years to recover except partial of her left leg and left hand are not controllable. Thus, she needs another person to take care partial of her needs.

Since both hubby and me are working, and we are not willing to send my mother-in-law to care centre, the only option we have is to hire a maid. We had just changed to a new Indonesian maid on Christmas eve 2009 and the cost for a 2 years contract is as below:

Agent fee (Kuching agent & Indonesia agent) - RM6800.00
Maid monthly salary - Minimum is RM300.00

So, for a two years contract, one needs to prepare at least RM14ooo.oo. This has not include other cost such as food, clothes, maid's personal care items and other miscellaneous charges for the maid. Hubby said, there are other agency which charged much higher than RM6800. In west Malaysia, the agent fee goes as high as RM8000.00 for a two years contract. The sad part is a big portion of the cost goes to agent or introducer, and not the maid.

There are news that the agent fee is increasing. Just hope that the related parties will plan for Malaysian senior citizen and those with special needs. The aging population is increasing and not many can afford to hire Indonesian maids.

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  1. Somebody is making big money behind the scene. If your maid lari dari rumah, your money all burn.

    My friends mother complain like mad. Her maid seem to run away from home often making her loosing loads of money in the agent fees..

    So much for a maid..-_-

  2. Yes, really a lot of money but the money didn't go to the maid, instead go to someone else pocket. Wish there are other solutions other than getting Indonesian maid...

  3. Agent seems to be profiting alot. The high commission should flow to the the maid instead of the middle men..

    Mind linking back to my blog? I will link back to your blog as well.

    Nice financial blog. :)

  4. Hi Kris, thanks for dropping by and for all your comments :) yes, the $$$ should go to the maid. I will link to your blog shortly :)

    Your blog is great too! Keep posting!

  5. I agree totally with your write-up. My mother is also suffering from stroke and is a semi-invalid. I can't afford to put her in a nursing home which would cost me at least RM1600 per month and my mother would also be extremely miserable is he is being put into a nursing home. The best option is to hire a maid (or 2 in my case) so that she can continue to live with me in her sunset days. However, with the present situation, I am at a total lost on how am I going to solve the problem because both my maids do not wish to continue after 3 years and I simply cannot leave my job as I am the main income earner for my family.

  6. Hi Angela, I can understand your situation. It's really not an easy situation. Have you contacted the maid agents in your area? Or, alternatively, you can spread the news and get someone local to replace the maids for day time. But, this is not so recommended because it's very hard for your to cope with both working during daytime and taking care of your mum at night. Really wish our society will do planning for the aging populations and citizens with special needs.

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    1. Hi Jasmine, please let me know your email address so that i can email the contacts to you..

    2. Hello

      I am currently looking for a house maid. I just delivered a baby and i got 4 now.. I need a helper!! Anyone knows who to contact? Drop me a sms 0168546258 Thank you

    3. Hello Jasmine, I messaged you the contacts :) Take care ya

  8. What is the current cost for hire a maid?


    1. Hi, very sorry for late reply as I am too occupied recently. I am not sure the cost to hire a maid now, but i know it's expensive and the t&c also had changed...