Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009/2010 Malaysia Employment Outlook And Salary Guide by Kelly Services

As a wage earner, some times, I would wonder whether the salary that I am receiving is compatible with what the market is offering out there. I wonder if someone with the same level of education, expertise and experience with me is earning more than what I am receiving.

When I was googling, I found The 2009/2010 Employment Outlook And Salary Guide by Kelly Services Malaysia. The report is very comprehensive and the content is quite interesting with the outlook for recruitment opportunities in various sectors in Malaysia. The salary guide also come with job descriptions of the position/job titles and the minimum and maximum salary offered.

I believe many can benefit from this reports. For wage earner like me, we can have a guideline whether our salary is within the range of what we supposed to receive. For Human Resource Department, they will have a guideline on the salary offered to employees based on their qualification, expertise and experience. For parents, they will know where the current market is heading and can advise their children based on their interest. For students, they will know how their career world is offering and from there can plan their future based on their field of interest.

Of course there are other factors involved when talking about salary offered. But, overall, this report is worth reading.

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