Thursday, December 10, 2009

PB Gold Investment Account - Part 5

A quick glance at the current gold price on PBe banking website today shows RM121.50 per gram (Public Bank buying price). When I purchased my first gold investment at Public bank, it was RM98.35 per gram. If I sell off my first gold investment today, I will earn about 23.5%. That is within 16 months. I would consider that as an impressive return.

PB officer shared with me, the highest Public Bank selling price was about RM137 per gram. Hubby and PB officer asked if I want to it sell off. I am not going to sell off but I am planning to purchase some more. Because I have a strong feeling that gold price will increase by next year. I will give myself 3 years time for this gold investment. If worth, I will keep it. Else, I will sell it off.


  1. I also gaining 10% return in 10 months. I also not going to sell it. Maybe will increase it if any pullback.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. If i'm you, i will hold on to the gold as long as possible, probably 20 years because we need gold to hedge against inflation and inflation will never stop. But the thing is, this is paper gold.. now the question is, how much trust you have in this contract or public bank itself in the event of natural disaster or man made destruction.

  3. Mrcoolku, 10% in 10 months is impressive as well. I am thinking to increase it as well.

    Zen, I will hold on but also be cautious at the same time. As you said, it's the trust involved. But, I feel safer than keeping the physical gold myself because it's higher risk to keep the physical gold myself.

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