Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ang Pao @ Red Packet For Wedding Reception - How Much Is Enough?

You have just received a wedding invitation from someone. You start to plan on what to wear, your hairstyle and accessories for the wedding reception. You also start to think, what is the right gift for him or her. For Chinese, the most common gift would be Ang Pao or also known as Red Packet. It is a red packet with meaningful wordings and wonderful drawings with cash gift. The question is "how much should I place in the Ang Pao?".

Personally, I think the gift depend on the relationship with the couple. For close friends and relatives, minimum should be RM100. For closed family members, it can range from RM100-RM500. Other than that, minimum would be RM80. If you are giving Ang Paos to your employees, make sure your Ang Pao is presentable. Try to budeget between RM100 to RM200. It is the same for business friends and associates as well. Also, if you have received big Ang Paos from the couple before, do return them a favour.

Other than that, the amount also varies from one place to another. Bigger cities with higher living cost and more classy banquet will expect fatter Ang Paos. Of course wedding reception at five stars hotels will also expect fatter Ang Paos compare to banquet at normal restaurant or other places.

If one not able to attend the wedding invitation, it is also a must to send over the Ang Pao to the couple. I believe minimum is RM50. Although I have heard people who said "I am not going, so RM10 as Ang Pao will do". RM10 is too little!

Do add some personal touch with meaningful handwritten message on the Ang Paos for the couples. Enjoy the Wedding Months!

P/S: The above were what I saw, heard and I experienced as well. The amount for the Ang Paos might vary different locations in Kuching or Malaysia.


  1. i always give rm50 when attend the hotel style wedding dinner...if other place, will give rm40..i think it is more resaonable

  2. Hi David, great to see you here :) RM50 for 1 person is reasonable.

  3. So far i have never given RM 100 and below before. At least RM 100. That's my standard angpow rate..

    On March 14th 2010, i will giving out my biggest Ang Pow ever to my very very very best buddy.

    I guess i will be giving him RM 888.88! -_-

  4. Hi Kampunginvestor! wow.. such a big angpao (RM888.88) from you! Your best buddy is a lucky person! He must be very happy for the amount and the lucky figures (so many 8s) :)

    But, i think not many can have your standard angpao rate..

  5. David, RM 50 is too little for now. Standard also need RM 80 for normal restaurants and hotel at least RM 100.

    I give to my friend RM 888.88 because he is my very best buddy. To me money we can earn all the time. Buddies, don't come by all the time! :)