Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Health Is Wealth

Ask a young man, he would wish to have lots and lots of money. Ask an old man, he would wish for his younger years. When we were young and energetic, we have the time, good health and the energy but with limited money. We work hard to earn more money so that we can have the so called 'better life'. As we work harder and longer hours, we climb higher. We earn more but we have so limited time to enjoy our lives. What more to say to take good care of our body and our health.

As we grow older, due to natural aging and heavy load during younger years, our body suffers. Perhaps by that time, we have lots and lots of money and lots of free time as well. But, too bad, our body is too tired to enjoy life and do the things we wish we can do in our younger years such as travelling, hobbies and other interest. By that time, we wish we had taken good care of your body so that our body will still be in great shape and condition when we reach our golden ages.

My main point is for the younger generations to take good care of their health. Do not keep chasing for wealth and neglect our health as wealth is less meaningful without a good health. A strong healthy body is our wealth. With good health, we can do things we enjoy and love to do. We can be independent and go wherever we wish to go. A good health is our wealth. Take good care of our health, treasure it and value it.


  1. our young generation really lack of financial intelligence. they do lots of spending than saving/investment.

    they care most about now than future.

  2. I see that as well in my surroundings. we all must ensure that we are healthy and have sufficient financial support in our golden years.