Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do You Keep Your Salary Information a Secret?

As a wage earner, we all have a value for the work done and the time we sell to the organization we work with. There are different position in an organization and with different people performing different types of work to ensure that the whole organization is running smooth. And or course each different position is paid differently.

The interesting part is do you disclose your salary information to your co-workers, friends or family members? For me, I strictly keep it a secret especially between co-workers. The only person who know my exact salary information is my hubby. My parents and other family members had a rough idea on my salary information while my friends and co-workers had no idea at all. I believe it is best to keep salary details as a secret especially between co-workers as I have seen relationship in an office turned sour when the staff are not satisfied with the salary after she compare her salary with other staffs.

Even if someone share her or his salary information with you, do not simply trust what she or he said. Do look for proof such as salary slip. As they might just simply tell you a figure so that you will share yours with them. So, be careful!

From my reading, most organization also encourage their employees to keep the salary information to themselves. As sharing these information might create unhealthy relationship in the organization.

How about you? Do you keep your salary information a secret or you share with the rest?


  1. I agree that sharing these sensitive information might create unhealthy relationship in the workplace.

    Due to my current company, HR categories all of us into different salary group(SG). In each group, you know the salary range.

    So we can hear colleagues asking "what is your SG?"

  2. I see. So, your colleagues roughly know the salary due to the salary range. But, it also depends whether you are at which range end :)

  3. Hi Yan,
    So nice to be here again. ^^ Thanks so much for dropping by earlier.

    I too, prefer to keep my income confidential. Back in the time when I'm still in my day job, we'll never discuss about how much we're getting. We may have the rough idea but nobody is asking for the exact numbers, which is the a relief. I prefer an equal treatment for everyone for the service they provided instead of the gauge of how much they are receiving. ^^

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  4. Ching Ya, great to hear from you. Must be very busy time for you (based on your blog's response and activities) :P

    It's wise to keep our salary/income confidential.Since it is service related, it's really hard to judge the price for the service. I meant exact price and we human tend to compare with others. So, it's best to keep it as a secret :)