Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Pre-Wedding Photography Session @ Mushroom King Bridal Studio, Kuching

I had been doing some survey around Kuching city before deciding for our prewedding photography session. And finally we choose Mushroom King Bridal Studio. Partially because my younger brother and sister in law had their prewedding photography session taken at Mushroom King Bridal Studio 3 years ago. When I first visited the bridal studio, the boss, Eric Chen and his wife who is also his business partner were very friendly. There is a kind of warm feeling when I first sat down and discussed about the pre wedding photography package with them.

The other reason why I choose Mushroom King Bridal Studio is because the package is within our budget and very flexible. Dave and me do not wish to spend more than RM3K for our pre wedding photography, but at the same time we hope to have a wonderful and fastastic pre wedding photos for our memory. Before we decided for Mushroom King Bridal Studio, we have
heard of many stories of other bridal studios who had hidden charges for their pre wedding photography session. We also heard of stories where the photographer scolded the bride and the groom for not being able to pose as instructed by the photographer. One of Dave's friend spent almost RM10K for his pre wedding and actual day wedding photography session. That's quite a lot of money right?

During the pre wedding photo shooting, Eric and his wife had been really friendly and professional. At the beginning, Dave and me not really feeling comfortable and natural as we had never had any profesional photography session before. But, as the session goes on, we find ourselves becoming more comfortable and relax. We also had fun along the photography session. Our photography session took about 9 hours. A big portion of the time spent on make up and hair-do for the bride.

Dave and me were quite worried on the quality of the photos as we both not a superstar. But, when we had a first screening of the photos after 2 days, we're impressed by the quality of the photos. We had a hard time to select the photos because we wish to have all the photos (of course we can have it, but we need to add extra money). After several visits and several screenings, we selected the choosen 21 photos for our photo album and we bought back a portion of the softcopies.

If you are looking for a profesionally taken photos (pre wedding photography, actual wedding day photography, birthday, special occasions, passport size photo, business purposes and any other professional photography session) you can always look for Mushroom King Bridal Studio. Their contact is 082-415527.

Oh! Dave and me met a few of our friends and relatives when we're at Mushroom King Bridal Studio (different visits). When we flipped through the sample of wedding album, we saw some of our friends and relatives as well. Most of their customers came from words of mouth. No wonder they do not need to do any advertisement.

Wish you have a wonderful and beautiful pre wedding photography session.